by Matt Hyra
22 Sep, 2016
Attack on Titan Deck-building Game

The Attack on Titan Deck-building Game has been generating a lot of buzz for most of the year, and now the release date is near. November 9th!

by George Nadeau
14 Sep, 2016

We have just released our Gotham Trading Cards Season 1 set, in time to celebrate the annual Batman Day this Saturday, September 17th, and the premiere of the third season of the show on September 19th.

by Shahriar Fouladi
09 Sep, 2016
DC Lil Bombshells Series 1 Lineup

Consumer Products on behalf of DC Entertainment, are pleased to announce the Series 1 release of DC Lil Bombshells Vinyl Figures....

by Randall
08 Sep, 2016
2016 Philly Non-Sports Card Show

Stop by and learn more about some of our upcoming projects and chat with our team. If you visit you will be able to collect a limited edition....

by Matt Hyra
07 Sep, 2016

Cryptozoic Entertainment’s new card game Batman: The Animated Series Almost Got ’Im is coming in early 2017 and it’s sure to delight Batman fans, as well as fans of social deduction card games with hidden roles...

by Colin Robinson
06 Sep, 2016
DC Bombshells Vinyl Figures Thumbnail

The first set of Three Collectibles Based on the DC Bombshells line of Comics

by Colin Robinson
01 Sep, 2016

Play New Original and Licensed Games and Speak with Representatives from Cryptozoic

by Randall
29 Aug, 2016

Welcome to our Batman Day giveaway! You can win one of these amazing prizes! Enter below...

by Colin Robinson
29 Aug, 2016
Adventure Time Card Wars Doubles Tournament Thumbnail

New Four-Player Game Based on Cartoon Network’s Fan Favorite TV Series Adventure Time

by Colin Robinson
29 Aug, 2016
Gotham Trading Cards Season 1 Thumbnail

Based on Hit Warner Bros. Television/Fox Series The Set Features Autograph and Wardrobe Cards

by Colin Robinson
23 Aug, 2016
The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary Box

Backers Can Finalize Their Selections and Mailing Information for the Upcoming Game and Newcomers Get One Last Chance to Pledge

by Randall
18 Aug, 2016

Welcome to the Outlander Season 1 Trading Cards Giveaway! Enter Below...

by Colin Robinson
15 Aug, 2016
The Walking Dead Season 4, Part 2 Trading Cards

Part 2 of the Highly Collectible Card Set Based on the #1 Hit AMC Show.

by Colin Robinson
02 Aug, 2016
Rick and Morty Mr. Meeseeks’ Box 'o Fun: Game of Dice & Dares

New Dice Game Based on the Rick and Morty Episode “Meeseeks and Destroy” to Be Released August 3rd

by Colin Robinson
01 Aug, 2016
Internal Affairs Box Art

Cryptozoic is pleased to announce the release of the card game Internal Affairs on August 3, 2016

by Colin Robinson
01 Aug, 2016
Gen Con 2016 Logo

Cryptozoic will offer game demos, products for purchase, and members of the Cryptozoic team will also be on hand to answer questions from fans and press.

by Colin Robinson
29 Jul, 2016
The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary Box Art

Time is running out to join the struggle to survive in a world of The Walking Dead!

by Colin Robinson
27 Jul, 2016
Cryptozoic Entertainment Logo

Stop by and learn more about some of our upcoming projects and chat with our team.

by Colin Robinson
25 Jul, 2016
The Big Bang Theory Trading Cards Seasons 6 & 7 Package

Set based on hit CBS TV program features autograph, wardrobe and printing plate cards

by Colin Robinson
18 Jul, 2016
DC Comics Justice League Trading Cards Box

All you have to do to collect the promo cards is visit the trade booths listed.


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