CZE Launches Digital Comics App

By jennazoic


It seems like all of us here at Cryptozoic have a passion for something in the gaming or pop culture world. So when the idea of making a CZE digital comic reader came up, it was a natural fit. What could be better than a company full of fans choosing and creating the best possible comics to release to the public? The new app, which launches March 14th and is available as a free download through the Apple App Store™, will include comics from individual creators, content from other publishers who have partnered with us, and most exciting of all: new, original comics that will be available exclusively on the CZE Comics app. Let’s take a closer look at what will be offered.
May We Die In The Forest
Of course, no one could think of comics and gaming without thinking of our friends over at Penny Arcade, Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins. Icons of the gaming community, these guys have been creating web comics since the beginning of the genre. With the Penny Arcade signature style and humor, all of their characters and storylines have become favorites, but perhaps none has piqued the interest of fans as much as the Lookouts. The Lookouts is set in a wild world, sparsely populated and covered in a dense magical forest called the Eyrewood. Learning to live alongside the forest is a must, and as the Lookouts creed says, “What men must know a boy must learn.” For the first time ever, on the CZE Comics app, fans will be able to read full storylines following the sons of Eyrewood as they learn to become men.

In addition to comics from original creators, the CZE Comics app will include works from other leading publishers like Top Cow and IDW. One of the most captivating of these comics is IDW’s Eisner-nominated dark fantasy series, Locke & Key. Locke & Key, written by acclaimed suspense novelist and New York Times best-selling author, Joe Hill, tells the story of Keyhouse, a mansion in New England with magical doors that transform those who walk through them. Three lost children who have been hauled across the country after the death of their father enter the house and are drawn into its mysteries. Experience the thrill of Keyhouse yourself by reading the Locke & Key series along with other amazing titles from IDW and Top Cow, available for immediate download.

Original Series
On top of all of the series mentioned above, Cryptozoic will also be creating its own original comics, which will be available exclusively through our app. With the incredible connections that we have in the industry and our dedication to “Fans First,” you can expect only the best from Cryptozoic. Keeping checking back at for more information!

CBLDF—Protecting Free Speech for the Comics Industry
Another unique facet that Cryptozoic’s digital comic reader will provide is an interface link to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund™ (CBLDF), a nonprofit organization with a mission to protect freedom of speech. This feature is part of a larger commitment to support the CBLDF on the part of Cryptozoic Entertainment; a percentage of the profits generated by Cryptozoic’s digital publishing initiative will be donated to the CBLDF so they may better serve the comics community. You can find out more information on this worthy cause at

With all of this great content and the opportunity to support a worthwhile cause, downloading the CZE Comics app is a no-brainer. Get it from the Apple App Store™ today!