It's a Food Fight!

By Will Brinkman


There’s Strong, Then There’s Tasty.

Cryptozoic Entertainment™ Announces New Game: Food Fight!


Media Contact:
Jenna Sices

Irvine, CA 2011: Cryptozoic Entertainment, home of the World of Warcraft® Trading Card Game, is continuing its recently announced expansion into the board game category with the release of a new original game: Food Fight! Food Fight is an exciting step for Cryptozoic as the company begins to develop its own unique worlds and characters. The game will release concurrently with a digital version for the iPhone, iPad and Android. Both will be available this fall.

Plan out your meal and prepare to battle your opponents. Enlist Major Weiner and Private Pancake to team up with Mean Burrito…but will they stand a chance against Bad-Ass Bacon? With Food Fight, up to six players draft entrees and side dishes to build a meal that will devour the competition. As their “troops” go into battle, garnishes and condiments can provide back up. But beware: if a Dog enters the melee, your meal could be in jeopardy!

“One of the most exciting parts of Cryptozoic’s future is creating amazing NEW gaming concepts, and Food Fight is the first step toward that future” says Cory Jones, president and CCO of Cryptozoic Entertainment. “Building the humor of Food Fight was a labor of love and it really is an homage to the great parody trading card products of the 70’s. I think gamers will dig just about everything this game has to offer from the fun mechanics to funny characters and art, plus we are launching this in the physical and digital space simultaneously, so you can play anywhere, anytime.”

In addition to the tabletop game, Cryptozoic is partnering with Incinerator Studios to develop a Food Fight digital game that will allow players to take their combats on the road. With the same style of play and feel as the physical game, players will be able to get their Food Fight fix wherever they go!

Whet your appetite and prepare your palate; the battle begins fall, 2011.

Visit www.cryptozoic.comfor the most up to date information on Food Fight.

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