Now Serving Food Fight Desktops

By Will Brinkman


Not only is Food Fight our first foray into the board game category, it's also our first original IP game. We're hoping it can help settle the age-old question of "what's your favorite food?" Does your best friend insist on going to the local burger joint every time because "burgers are better than hot dogs?" Prove him wrong! Plate your perfect meal and serve up some beatdowns whether it's morning, noon, or night. And watch out for the sneaky dog. No people food, dog! Bad!

One of the things we are doing to celebrate the release of Food Fight is giving you a double helping of desktops. As you can see, the art is like a fine seasoning, releasing rich flavor as you fight through your own battle of the bulge. The first two items on the menu are Crun-Che Taco and Seppuku Sushi. By downloading these desktops, you agree to not hold Cryptozoic responsible for any urges to snack, dry-cleaning charges resulting from thrown food, hunger pains, food revolutions, or attempts to eat your monitor. Enjoy, and check the downloads page each and every Friday for two new entrées.