The Dead Walk in 2011

By Scott Gaeta


No need to break down the door, folks! There will be enough copies of The Walking Dead Board Game for everyone this Fall! 

Zombies are an amazing phenomenon.  Over the years we’ve seen countless versions of them.  Fast ones, slow ones, dumb ones, and smart ones, and just about everything in between. But what we’ve rarely seen is a story that kicks you in the teeth and makes you really feel like what it might truly be like to fight for your survival, for the rest of your life….for however long or short that may be.

That’s what originally attracted all of us here at Cryptozoic to The Walking Dead.  The characters are so compelling and their relationships so complex, it was obvious that this wasn’t your run of the mill zombie story.  I mean everyone does zombies.  But we figured if we were going to do zombies we should do the Cadillac of zombies! So let’s take a look at what Cryptozoic has planned for The Walking Dead this year.

First up will be Trading Cards covering all the events of Season 1.  Working with our partners over at AMC has been a blast and you can tell they are fans of what they do just like we are here at CZE.  For this first release we really want to capture the intensity of the show by focusing on the characters and their journey throughout the first episodes.  The visuals from The Walking Dead are so powerful and they look absolutely amazing on cards!  We’re putting a lot of effort into the base set and really want collectors to be able to relive the first season and maybe even get a little chill while paging through their cards.

To top it off we’ll also be including authentic memorabilia and autographs from the main cast and maybe even some of their undead (former) friends.  Look for more details, as they become available right here on but you can expect these beauties to shamble into stores late summer.

Next up on our schedule will be The Walking Dead Board Game in September.  This is really where we put you right in the middle of the action!  Players will play as major characters from the show and other supporting characters will pop up from time to time to help you.  You will visit familiar sites such as the hospital, Rick’s Police Station, the old folks home, and Center for Disease Control.  To win the game very player needs to navigate the board and collect resources that make you better at killing zombies and eventually help get you to safety. (For now!) Along the way you will have to defend yourself, manage a dwindling supply of resources, and choose whether or not to help your fellow players too.  Now you might be asking, why would I help my fellow players – I want to win!  Well, here’s the catch – when players die they come back as zombies!  And I’m guessing these particular zombies may be a little irritated that their former human friends didn’t help them out!  Not only are they mad but they are hungry!

The fight for your life begins this September when Cryptozoic release the board game worldwide. We’ll also be previewing it with demos at Gen Con in August.

Until next time – keep your eyes open and your guns loaded!