Epic Spell Wars Wallpapers Now Available

By Michael Sacco

You'll find that, in the Kingdom of Carnage, vulgar displays of power (emphasis on the "vulgar") are the norm. This is doubly true if you're a battle wizard competing in the time-honored tradition of ANNIHILAGEDDON, the yearly tournament that pits only the most badass of wizards against each other in a totally sick (no, really, it's pretty gross) grand melee. Since you're spectating the tournament from your safe, comfortable home, why not rep your favorite wizard with some of our Epic Spell Wars wallpapers? It's the least you could do. We've compiled them all on our Downloads page, perched like gargoyles atop wallpapers of their brothers-in-arms in the Food Fight corps.

We'll have a new Epic Spell Wars wallpaper for you every Friday, so check back for more wizards and more crazy card combos each week.