The Walking Dead Trading Cards: Badge Cards

By Michael Sacco

The Atlanta seen in The Walking Dead is largely lawless, thanks to an epidemic of the undead, but there are still lawmen! Rick Grimes and Shane Walsh were partners in police work prior to the apocalypse, and as part of Cryptozoic's quest to bring you only the coolest memorabilia for our trading card sets, we've brought you the most important part of their wardrobe: their embroidered police badges. 

There are 20 special redemption cards randomly inserted into packs of The Walking Dead Trading Cards. 18 of these cards will give their lucky recipients a piece of Rick's shoulder badge patch. The other two will give something even cooler: one will reward an oversized card with Rick's full, intact badge, and the other an oversized card with Shane's intact t-shirt badge. 

Rick's badge.

Shane's badge.

One of the 18 pieces of Rick's shoulder badge.

These awesome pieces of post-apocalyptic wardrobe can only be found in packs of The Walking Dead Trading Cards, available in stores December 16th, 2011.