Cryptozoic and Playdek Release Food Fight for iOS Devices

By Michael Sacco




February 6, 2012, Carlsbad, CA – Attention, troops! Playdek, a leading mobile video game publisher, and Cryptozoic Entertainment, the premier developer of original and licensed games, announced today the release of Food Fight iOS.  Created and produced by Cryptozoic Entertainment, the hit Food Fight card game is now available through the App store. Playdek’s Food Fight iOS allows players to have an epic food fight with the Army chow served at breakfast, lunch and dinner.  This flavor-filled strategy game is a Universal App, serves two to four players and is now available for download from the Apple Store.

Players prepare for the food fight of a lifetime by drafting their tasty troops or by choosing Boot Camp Mode to get into the fight faster. Then, get your food troops out of the frying pan and into the fight by “plating up” your food army.  Next, pick an appetizing battlefield to fight over— will it be the Triumph at Spaghettis-burgh? Or Operation Freedom Fries? Or maybe the Push at Hamburger Hill?

Players win servings by having the yummiest card (Private Pancake anyone?), using instant cards (Sugar Fatale) or playing the tasty mascot cards (King Bacon). The player who has the most Yumminess points at the end of each serving wins a dinner mint (and fresh breath). The player with the most mints after five servings wins the battlefield. Beware! There’s no such thing as a free lunch and the Dog has an appetite to ruin a winning streak. The Dog battles unopposed players and will gobble up any Bacon in the fight.

Food Fight iOS is a vibrant and fun game that’s both aesthetically pleasing and mentally challenging for players,” said Joel Goodman, CEO of Playdek. “What we love most about this game is that it doesn’t matter if you are the most experienced gamer or a beginner—Food Fight iOS challenges each player accordingly.”

Food Fight iOS features the Troops, Condiments and Snack Kings from the original game. The Tank ‘o Fries and Ketchup Mechanic are sure to leave players wanting seconds.

“Everyone here at Cryptozoic is super proud of how the digital version of Food Fight© turned out. Playdek has done a tremendous job capturing the fun of the card game and translating it into a truly deep and enjoyable iOS game," said Cory Jones, president and chief creative officer for Cryptotoic. "The inclusion of campaign mode with all new content is simply amazing and all the additional content from achievements to unlockable avatars takes the game to another level. I think gamers will be blown away by how incredibly fun this game is.”

The game can be played both online or offline. To see images, technical requirements and more information, please visit,  To purchase for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, visit iTunes (SRP $3.99).

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