Assassin's Creed: Arena Game Premiere Night!

By Sara Erickson

On February 26th, 2013, Cryptozoic will be releasing our highly anticipated, Assassin's Creed Arena Board Game. If you've ever stayed up late waiting in line for a new video game release, you know that those hours before the release are really just a big party. We're offering stores and players the chance to enjoy a great party event before Assassin's Creed Arena is available worldwide. Our Game Premiere Night program will allow players to learn about a new game and even take it home before the official release. It's going to be a party you don't want to miss!

What is a Game Premiere Night?

Sneak down to your favorite local hobby store for the Game Premiere Night experience! Participating hobby stores will have limited copies of Assassin's Creed: Arena Board Game for sale starting February 19th, before the official release on February 26th. They will also have a demo copy to help you learn the skills necessary to be an efficient Assassin. You'll certainly want to take home a copy after trying out the demo so we'll be including a special promo card for everyone who purchases the day during one of these events.  Your arsenal won't be complete without the Hookblade promo. Check with your local store to find out when they will be hosting their Game Premiere Night!

Tell me more about Assassin's Creed: Arena Board Game

In Assassin's Creed: Arena, players compete to uncover the best targets for assassination. But before you can go in for the kill, sometimes you have to deal with some pesky guards, as well as your opponents. Players will collect cards and treasure, move guards, and hide within the city of Constantinople until they find their time to strike. Combat is handled through cardplay, and the player who best manages their cards will have the best chance at victory! For all the gritty details, check out the product page here!

Hobby Store Owners - How to sign up

Hobby stores that order the Game Premiere Night Kit through Alliance will receive a case of the game (6 copies), a reduced cost demo copy, a poster, and an event information sheet no later than February 19th (while supplies last, so act fast!). These materials will help you advertise and enjoy a night full of strategic assassinations!

Are you a store owner who wants to be involved? Simply call your Alliance rep and place your order for the Game Premiere Night Assassin's Creed: Arena Case. Be sure to let your customers know when you will be hosting your Game Premiere Night Event!

Toshirauma's picture Sara Erickson

Sara Erickson is Cryptozoic Enertainment's National Hobby Channel Manager and has worked with Cryptozoic since March 2012. She has been in the industry for over 7 years and currently owns Rook's Comics and Games in Montana. When she's off the clock, Sara spends her free time playing new games and chatting with customers at her store.