Betrayal of the Guardian - Now Available!

By Mike Rosenberg

Travel back in time with the Timewalkers to mend a broken past in Timewalkers: Betrayal of the Guardian, the twentieth set for the World of Warcraft® Trading Card Game. Based on Blizzard Entertainment's award-winning massively multiplayer online role-playing game, this second set of the Timewalkers block pays homage to the eras of Warcraft and Warcraft 2, as players will encounter even more legendary characters and weapons from Warcraft lore, like General Turalyon, Orgrim Doomhammer and Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian.

The World of Warcraft Trading Card Game brings the action and excitement of the online game to the tabletop, with both at-home and organized play experiences designed for anyone who enjoys World of Warcraft. The Betrayal of the Guardian set will introduce the brand new keywords Echo and Rift. Echo gives you double the effect when you control two or more allies of an Alliance or Horde race, while Rift cards get cheaper to play as you amass an army of a single Horde or Alliance race. As the Timewalkers block progresses, bonds continue to grow between races as players can add new Human, Night Elf, Orc and Tauren cards to their decks.

Continuing the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game’s tradition, players have the chance to obtain randomly inserted Loot™ cards that provide cosmetic items for their online World of Warcraft characters. The common loot for Betrayal of the Guardian will be an eerie Floating Spellbook. The uncommon loot will be Dark Portal Hearthstone, in case players lose their way. Finally, the rare loot will allow players to ride (or fly!) through Azeroth on a spooky yet majestic Ghostly Charger.

Betrayal of the Guardian can be purchased at hobby and retail stores or ordered online at the Cryptozoic Entertainment e-store for $3.99 per 16-card booster pack and $143.64 per 36-pack display. The Betrayal of the Guardian Epic Collection, featuring a playmat, a deck box, six booster packs, five foil hero cards, and one common Loot card, is available for $39.99.

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Mike Rosenberg has been a long-time trading card game fan and an active freelancer in the hobby game industry since 2004. He wrote, editted, and managed web content for Cryptozoic Entertainment from March 2012 until October 2013.