The Big Bang Theory Party Game - The Basics

By Ben Stoll

This month, Cryptozoic Entertainment released its new game based on the hit TV series The Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang Theory Party Game is very easy to learn and play, and is a social game at its heart. In other words, expect to be laughing and having fun with your friends while you explore the nerdy, pop-culture centric world of The Big Bang Theory, whether it's your first time experiencing the show or you're a lifelong die-hard fan! 
My name's Ben Stoll, and I'm the lead designer of The Big Bang Theory Party Game. I wanted to show you how easy the game is to pick up and play. Let's take a quick look at what this game holds in store for you.
To start off, each player will draw up a hand of seven blue cards. These will all be things seen on the show or talked about by the characters. Anything from Sexy Nurse to Space Poop to Giant Rabbits to Superman. 
Each turn, one player will be the referee. That player flips over a red card and reads it out loud. Then, each other player will anonymously submit a blue card from his or hand that they feel matches the criteria on the red card. For example:
Jim is the referee and flips up: “Often Leads to Disaster.”
Susan secretly submits “Fart Goblin.”
John secretly submits “Copious Amounts of Alcohol.”
And Sarah secretly submits “Man in Emotional Crisis.”
Now Jim has to rank these submissions in order from his favorite to least favorite! He awards 3 points to Susan, 2 points to Sarah, and 1 point to John (explaining that his decision making process had to do with the fact that "Fart Goblin"s terrify him and "Copious Amounts of Alcohol" can only be a good thing).
Things really get fun and creative with the Experimental Formula cards: the exact same process except players submit two cards.
What Two Things Would You Take to a Desert Island? Imagine this is your hand:
-Monkey Butler
-Sexy Nurse
-Inappropriate Behavior
-Giant Rabbits
-The Most Beautiful Man Ever
You might think you've got your bases pretty well covered with a Monkey Butler and a Sexy Nurse…then again, maybe you would rather clone yourself a hundred of one of those things? Or maybe Farting Giant Rabbits is what you need to have around while you wile away the days…
Remember, though! You're playing to the referee, the person who will be grading your submission. So you want to figure out what they like.
Of course, if you feel like you don't have the best cards for the job and you're lucky enough to have a BAZINGA! card in your hand, you can always throw it in once everyone's submissions are in to change the category to something else at random!
Monkey Butler and Sexy Nurse might go from being “Two things I'd take to a Desert Island” to an “Epic Battle”.
The rules insert mentions a couple of fun variations on play, including a version where everyone picks their favorite character from the show and evaluates submissions from what they imagine that character's perspective would be. So while a Trophy Husband might get Penny all Hot and Bothered, Sheldon might prefer, say, a Personal Robot. 
Also included are 10 blank cards so you can add your own personal touch to your copy of the game. 
The game plays in about 30 minutes, and the suggested age is 15+ (not for complexity, but for some of the PG-13 elements of the show). Anybody can learn how to play in just a few minutes, and the virtually unlimited combination of cards will have you laughing with your friends and pairing cards together in hilarious and clever combinations for a long time to come.
I hope this helps you understand how to play, and we hope you try out our game by picking one up at a hobby store near you!
BenStoll's picture Ben Stoll

Ben Stoll is an avid gamer who has been designing games professionally since 2009. He is currently the lead designer on HEX: Shards of Fate, Cryptozoic's upcoming Massively Multiplayer Online Trading Card Game. His latest board game designs include The Big Bang Theory Party Game and Word Whimsy