The Big Bang Theory Seasons One & Two Trading Cards Now Available

By Michael Sacco


We're a company of geeks and gamers, so when the opportunity arose for us to work with Warner Bros. on products based on The Big Bang Theory, we jumped on it. A partnership that perfect doesn't just come along every day! One of the fruits of this partnership is The Big Bang Theory Trading Cards, and we're happy to announce that the first set, detailing seasons one and two of the show, is available now.

There's a sizeable base set, which chronicles moments from the first two seasons in chronological order, starting with Leonard and Sheldon's first encounter with Penny and ending with their trip to Antarctica. We used high-resolution still photographs from the set -- each card has its own unique photos.


The set also has two nine-card chase sets. The first is a set of behind-the-scenes photos shared from the set, with a special blue foil stamp. The second is a set of favorite moments from the show, accentuated with foil board. 

Like all of our trading card sets, we've included several types of randomly-inserted premium cards as well. Collectors can look forward to finding Autograph cards, with real hand-signed signatures (no stamps!) from the show's main cast and guest stars; Wardrobe cards, with pieces of actual clothing used on the set of the show; and, in the entire run, 25 super-rare redemption cards that award you an oversized Wardrobe card with clothing pieces from each of the five main characters. 

For collectors, we've also released a binder with special cover art and enough room for all of your cards from this set. To top it all off, each binder also comes with a special Wardrobe card not available anywhere else.

You can find The Big Bang Theory Seasons One & Two Trading Cards at your local hobby store! For a complete list of Autograph card signers and the full checklist, just head to the product page.