Cory Jones on The Lookouts Comic

By Mike Rosenberg

The Lookouts debuted last week on comiXology, and since then, it has received plenty of praise. In fact, as of writing this, The Lookouts issue 1 sits at #2 in top-selling comic books on comiXology. And the physical comic isn't even out yet!

And there is perhaps nobody more excited about The Lookouts than Cory Jones, story developer for the new comic and president of Cryptozoic Entertainment. Despite how busy everyone has been in preparation for the launch of The Lookouts and the opening of the Cryptozoic Comic-Con Store, he was able to make time in order to answer a few questions. There might even be a teaser of two of what's coming in the first story-arc for The Lookouts!

When did you first contact Mike and Jerry about The Lookouts

Well, the first time was the day the very first Lookouts one-page comic was launched (as part of the Penny Arcade vote for your favorite campaign). I sent Mike an email that morning saying, "If a licensing person isn't calling you guys in the next hour about this, then they're not doing their job right."

I could not license it at the time, as I was working for Blizzard Entertainment. But as soon as we started Cryptozoic, one of the first things we did was pick up the license.

How involved were you in creating and building the world for The Lookouts?

Mike and Jerry created the world, both in concept and tone. The Lookouts is their baby and they should be very proud of their world. It has an amazing amount of soul. When it came to the comic book, Mike, Jerry, Ben, and I worked to flesh out these specific characters and story lines, so it really was a group effort from the beginning. Ben McCool is a super talented writer and is really knocking it out the park. Jerry and I provided feedback on the scripts and all in all it's been a great process. I have been creating the "Honor Badge" guide elements and I've been writing that with Jerry, so it's been a fun exercise.

What's your favorite character from the story? Who are you most excited to see come to life more comics are released?

Voel. Come issue 3, people will get it…

To be clear, I love all the characters and each will have tremendous growth and the chance to own that "hero's moment". My belief is that character development must come first, even before the story. If I don't really care about these characters, how can anything else matter?

Right now, the first issue of The Lookouts is ranked #2 in top-selling comics on comiXology. Did you expect the launch to be as successful as it has been?

Yes! The Lookouts is a great story and generated a lot of excitement from the beginning. I had no doubts about this comic's success.

Finally, do you have any teasers on what we can look forward to regarding The Lookouts

Well, as I mentioned, issue 3 is a real standout for me. One of the things we explore starting with issue 2 is each of the Lookouts' back-story. In issue 3 we dig into Voel's past and what being raised by wolfs did to him developmentally…

...but that's the only teaser you're going to get. :)

Thanks to Cory Jones for his time. If you're in San Diego, don't forget to come by the Cryptozoic Comic-Con Store this Friday at 8pm for The Lookouts premiere! Cory will be there along with creators Mike Krahulik, Jerry Holkins, and writer Ben McCool!

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Mike Rosenberg has been a long-time trading card game fan and an active freelancer in the hobby game industry since 2004. He wrote, editted, and managed web content for Cryptozoic Entertainment from March 2012 until October 2013.