Cryptozoic Entertainment’s The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary Board Game Comes to Life on Kickstarter Today

By Colin Robinson

Cryptozoic Entertainment’s The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary Board Game Comes to Life on Kickstarter Today

The High Quality Miniatures Game Takes Players into the World of AMC's Hit Series with Never-Before-Seen Cooperative Gameplay

Lake Forest, CA – July 12th, 2016 – How will you cope with the stresses of leadership when the walkers find your ragtag group of survivors? Cryptozoic Entertainment (, leading creator of board games, merchandise, and collectible cards, in partnership with AMC, is proud to announce today’s launch of the Kickstarter campaign for The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary board game.

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The game redefines the survival horror genre with gameplay that emulates the group dynamics from AMC’s The Walking Dead, as one player acts as the leader while the other players decide whether to support or defy their leader’s decisions. Working together is vital to winning as a group, but players have their own motivations that they cannot share with the others, making survival in a world of walkers a heart-racing challenge.

Head over to the campaign page to devour all the great content and join the survivors as they find new ways to deal with the never-ending stream of walkers and each other. This will be the latest Kickstarter from Cryptozoic following the success of three previous campaigns. Some of this game’s many unique features include:

  • Your favorite characters and scenarios from the hit AMC show all appear. Expect to see miniatures based on the characters played by Andrew Lincoln (Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes), Steven Yeun (Glenn Rhee), Laurie Holden (Andrea Harrison), and of course, Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon)!

The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary Miniatures

  • The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary board game is designed by Adam and Brady Sadler, who have made BoardGameGeek’s top designers list multiple years in a row. The brothers’ previous works include several highly-acclaimed games, including:
    • Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game
    • Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition
    • Star Wars: X-Wing
  • The co-op game allows 1-4 players to enter the show's world and take on a multitude of different enemies—both dead and alive—all with their own distinctive motivations and ways of moving around the board. The encounters and actions of characters are taken directly from episodes of The Walking Dead.
  • Playable characters are completely unique from one another and have abilities that can only be shared if they are trusted by other survivors. The game has a truly original leadership component: Each player gets an opportunity—or in some cases is forced—to lead at least once each game, constantly altering the team's strategy. Defying the leader’s approach to a situation will add to his or her stress and cause other characters to lose trust, lowering everyone’s morale. If morale falls, all the survivors are in serious danger!
  • This is the miniatures game The Walking Dead fans have been waiting for, with over 30 highly detailed and realistic walker and survivor figures. Survivors come with their own character boards and decks, allowing them to perform abilities that reflect their personalities from the show. Gameplay utilizes over 200 printed cards—including Event Cards, Search Cards, and Location Cards—that create varying scenarios in conjunction with the 12 double-sided map tiles, which highlight memorable areas from the show. The game also comes with over 100 tokens and 10 custom dice.

The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary 3D Box Art

For more information on the The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary board game Kickstarter or to join the campaign, click here.

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The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary is a cooperative board game of desperate survival set in the world of the popular AMC television series. Designed by Adam and ...


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The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary is a cooperative board game of desperate survival set in the world of the popular AMC television series. Designed by Adam and ...



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We filmed a group of playtesters fighting their way through one of the scenarios of our latest Kickstarter, The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary!


  • Check out this early preview of the game in The Walking Dead Official Magazine

  • "The Sadler Brothers have designed a Walking Dead coop game that creates a very interesting group dynamic. Will the decisions by the group leader be followed by the rest of the group or will they be defiant causing stress to the leader which could lead to negative consequences on their turn and even possible loss of leadership to someone else. Either way, like the TV show, the drama in this game comes from what happens among survivors and not necessarily the walkers they encounter. Can you handle the stress?"

- Marty Connell, Rolling Dice & Taking Names

  • “What The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary does is integrate a very interesting card system... [being the leader is incredibly important]... not only do you have to decide which Event card you're going to use, you can possibly hurt yourself by playing a card that is defiant, having to get rid of trust tokens. The other players now have decisions to make..."

– Nick Meenachan, Board Game Brawl


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