The Cryptozoic Holiday Gift Guide

By Mike Rosenberg

The holidays are fast approaching. We here at Cryptozoic Entertainment know how difficult it can be to stay on top of the latest games and collectibles, especially when it comes time to shop for other people. To make things easy, we wanted to offer you this: the Cryptozoic Holiday Gift Guide. We've compiled a list of three of our latest games and trading card products. That way, you can pick up the latest games and collectibles on your holiday shopping list.

We'll start with three of our newest games, and follow with three of our latest trading card sets. Let's begin!

DC Comics Deck-Building Game

Up first is no surprise for anyone who's been following us on the web. The DC Comics Deck-Building Game is the simple to play and deceptively deep deck-building game that lets players take on the role of the Justice League as they face off against the DC Universe's most notorious super-villains. Players start with ten card decks and purchase cards from an ever-changing line-up to add to their deck. A player's Super Hero rewards players for picking up cards of a specific type, giving each Super Hero a different game plan.

The DC Comics Deck-Building Game provides fast and easy gameplay that makes setting up and learning the game a breeze, and it offers enough replay value with the ever-changing line-up of cards that you can buy from that you will rarely ever feel like you're playing the same game twice. This one was just recently released, and it's expected to be one of our hottest selling games for the holiday season, so check with your local hobby store to see if they have any in stock!

Hot Rod Creeps

"At the end of the day, you'll have a lot of fun with Hot Rod Creeps."

Up next on our holiday recommendations is Hot Rod Creeps, which was released earlier this fall. Hot Rod Creeps combines a little freakishness with a lot of fun. The game features a dastardly race, with every competing Hot Rod featuring a team that has more than a few screws loose, as they use every dirty trick in the book in order to reach the finish line first.

The game features a customizable race track that serves as the game board, keeping track architects busy for game after game of racing fun. With plenty of big decisions happening on every turn, track jumps to make, and pit stop parts to collect so that you can trick out your Hot Rod into a car-crushing machine, Hot Rod Creeps offers a little something for the gamer in everyone.


"3012 is the first pure deck-building game to really grab me." - Space-Biff

Fight as a mutant for supremacy over other mutants in a world that has been torn asunder by the apocalypse in the 3012 Deck-Building Game. The game takes place in – you guessed it – 3012, a thousand years after the apocalypse that ravaged the planet. You and the other players represent mutated tribes that must perform in a dangerous dance between tribal support and tribal conquest, as players must overcome monstrous encounters with the help – or the hindrance – of the other players.

As the game progresses, each player's deck gets more powerful, and their tribe more powerful as they gain experience for conquering encounters. But there can be only one living god at the end of the game, and only one winner once the living god rises. 3012 offers a thorough gaming experience that immerses players into the setting, making it one of our top recommendations for the avid gamers on your holiday shopping list.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Trading Cards

The Walking Dead returns in trading card form with all new autograph cards, redemption cards, wardrobe cards, and some ultra-rare and beautifully done sketch cards. The latest batch of trading cards based on the hit AMC series features plenty of exciting moments from season two, from start to finish.

The autograph cards that you can find randomly inserted in booster packs feature authentic signatures from some of the show's most popular characters, including signatures from Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori). One of the big highlights for this set, however, are the extremely rare sketch cards that collectors can find. These sketch cards are jaw-dropping gorgeous, but they aren't found easily! Based on how popular the first set of The Walking Dead Trading Cards were, these are also expected to fly off the shelves. They will be released on December 11th, so keep your eyes peeled!

DC Comics New 52 Trading Cards

The DC hits just keep on coming, and the DC Comics New 52 Trading Cards are sure to be a hit for the comic collector on your holiday shopping list. Featuring original artwork of the classic characters featured in the New 52 relaunch that took place last year, these trading cards are a beautiful representation of some of the World's Finest.

Sketch cards can also be found throughout this trading card set, and it highlights some very unique styles and a couple of classic characters that have made their appearances over the years. And, if you're really lucky, you just might open up a redemption card that you can turn in for an oversized art piece or even an original art page from a comic!

Tarzan 100th Anniversary Trading Cards

Celebrate one of the most iconic characters in fiction with the Tarzan 100th Anniversary Trading Cards. This special set highlights the centennial of the King of the Jungle, and features many pieces of beautiful artwork that showcases Tarzan in style.

Special chase sets feature book covers as well as classic movie poster art, and sketch cards can also be found in various booster packs that highlight many different art styles. Tarzan, after all, has been seen in many forms over the last 100 years. And, for the collectors who are really lucky, they can score some sweet rarities if they find a redemption card, including the as-of-this-day unredeemed Edgar Rice Burroughs cut signature!

The holidays are a lot of fun, but they are also a time of warmness, generosity, and love. We here at Cryptozoic Entertainment wish you a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season.  

Rosenfloggen's picture Mike Rosenberg

Mike Rosenberg has been a long-time trading card game fan and an active freelancer in the hobby game industry since 2004. He wrote, editted, and managed web content for Cryptozoic Entertainment from March 2012 until October 2013.