DC Comics Women of Legend Trading Cards - Now Available!

By Cryptozoic Entertainment

Celebrate the history of the greatest heroines and villainesses of the DC Universe with the DC Comics Women of Legend Trading Cards, now available in hobby stores and on the Cryptozoic E-Store!

DC Comics The Women of Legend Trading Cards features a 63-card base set with all-new original artwork. Fans can also collect to two 9-card chase sets, such as the Katie Cook chase set that features exclusive artwork commissioned exclusively for these trading cards, and the Legendary Ladies chase set, a foil set showcasing nine legendary ladies of the DC Universe.

In addition to these, fans can also look forward to sketch cards, featuring hand-drawn original art from a wide variety of artists, and Totally Fabricated wardrobe cards, which features pieces of costumes based on heroines and villainesses from the DC Universe that were made for this set.

For more information on the Women of Legend Trading Cards, including insert ratios and a sample of cards found in packs, please visit our product page.

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