The Lookouts Issue 6 - Now Available on comiXology!

By Cryptozoic Entertainment

Riddles, obstacles, and magic are abound in The Lookouts Issue 6, now available on comiXology and coming to comic stores this fall.

The Lookouts set forth to confront the sphinx one last time. But when the confrontation goes sour, it is up to Eli to save his troupe from the sphinx's wrath. But who is Eli? How can Eli stop a mighty creature such as the sphinx, and why exactly is Eli's path tied to the Daughters of Eyrewood?

The conclusion to the story of the sphinx brings with it the history of the badge that the Lookouts strive for: the riddle badge. What does the riddle badge entail, and why is there no masters badge available for this achievement?

Find out all of these answers and more in the exciting sixth issue of The Lookouts, now available on comiXology. 

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