Super Hero Kicks

By Will Brinkman

You're likely familiar with the hobby aspect of gaming. The collectability of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game is a big part of why it's so popular. Players trade cards in order to build their collections, play a new class, or just to meet more members of the community. In the Cryptozoic hobby games, the company releases special promos to those who buy the game at conventions. And, in the case of the trading cards, people swap costume swatch cards to finish off collections or they can pursue a genuine autograph from their favorite character.

You may have a collection of comic books, movies, action figures, and video games, but what are you rocking on your feet when you're away from that collection? How do you represent your favorite comic characters when out and about? Star Wars fans may remember the Adidas shoe and clothing line, allowing you to float to Cloud City on your high tops or to join the Empire.

Those will set you back a few hundred dollars as they've been out of print for years, but there are plenty of current kicks out there on the market to satisfy your geek needs.

For you classic comic book fans, both Marvel and DC have shoes for you. The Chuck Taylor is already classic casual wear and the canvas upper is a favorite amongst custom shoe artists. If you want some shoes straight out of the box, Converse offers the biggest Justice League members. I wonder how Batman cashes those royalty checks. Does he go to the bank and they don't need to ask for ID because, damn, it's Batman? Does he just get paid in cash? Maybe paid in bats? Who knows! Anyway, here's his shoe!

Converse has also released some exclusive characters to specific retailers. You can find the Flash at Journeys. If you'd like to put a personal touch on these DC Comics creations, you can customize your kicks via the Converse website as well. They'll let you start with a handful of DC patterns like the one below and then you can add your own flair. Just don't go on a crime spree while wearing these. The cops will be able to follow your unique tracks.

And Marvel fans? This summer, Reebok and Marvel have assembled a line of shoes inspired by an array of popular Marvel characters.

If BBQs and the red-white-and-blue scream "summer" to you, jump into a pair of these Captain America lows. Everybody's going to own The Avengers on Blu-Ray, but how many people will be walking the path of America's greatest super hero?

Should you come across a pair of Red Skull high tops on the street, you're obligated to do battle. With great power comes great responsibility, after all. If you're more excited for the Spider Man reboot this summer, you can pick up a pair of these Reebok pumps. You remember the Pumps, right? Well, they're back. In shoe form. (Wall-walking not included).

Sometimes you'd rather blend in than stand out. If you're looking for something more stealthy and muted, these Sabertooth boots are right for you. Just make sure you don't throw them in the closet with the Wolverine or Deadpool pumps.

And each shoe comes with special insoles featuring the shoe's namesake. You can see Generation X's Chamber below.

And for the ladies? You can get the White Queen or Black Widow high tops. Stack those with some high end denim and you'll be the talk of Jonah Jameson's fashion pages.

You can view all these shoes and more pictures on the Marvel page to see which shoe fits you best.

And for you anime fans? Just like the Wolverine and Spider-Man shoes, you can get a pair of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Tachikoma pumps. Look at that insole! It's gorgeous! According to the sneaker blog KicksonFire, only 500 of these will be released, so they'll be much more difficult to get than the above shoes. But, you're a seasoned hobby collector. It's like having that rare action figure or poster. Only 499 other Ghost in the Shell fans will be rolling on Tachikomas!

It's said to understand a person, you must walk in his or her shoes. Now you can step into greatness and walk with your favorite Marvel superhero! Good luck and remember: one pair for the feet, another pair for the collection!