Word Whimsy - Coming Soon!

By Mike Rosenberg

Cryptozoic Entertainment™, the premier developer of original and licensed games and trading cards, including The Big Bang Theory Trading Cards and The Walking Dead™ Board Game is excited to announce its newest party game, Word Whimsy, available in stores nationwide in spring 2013.

With its quick setup and easy-to-learn gameplay, party game fans are sure to fall in love with Word Whimsy. This social game offers lots of laughter and fun for all players and challenges players to let their creativity shine as they come up with all of the crazy ideas, creatures and titles they can think of.

“We’ve really learned a lot about each other, and had a lot of laughs, developing Word Whimsy,” said Scott Gaeta, Cryptozoic’s chief operating officer. “It is a fun, fast-paced social game that we know gamers of all levels will love.”

Every round features a new prompt card, such as “Good Name for a Metal Band” or “Most Likely to Win in a Fight,” and each player builds an appropriate phrase or title out of the various zany word cards in his or her hand. Each round, one player will be the referee and award points to the other players based on how much the referee likes each submission. So whether your “Favorite Bar” is “The Unexpected Walrus” or “The Angry Robot Death Goblin,” Word Whimsy is sure to be a good time for any group of friends!

"The most fun and satisfying thing about Word Whimsy is that you get to create your own submissions, using your word cards, rather than just picking a pre-made submission from your hand," said Ben Stoll, game designer of Cryptozoic. "Sexy Hamster Man? Legendary Hamster Warrior? Legendary Lobster Man?  You can build a lot of crazy stuff out of a few words." 

The simple rules, quick setup and the flexibility to play for any amount of time make Word Whimsy fun and accessible to everyone ages 15 and up. Word Whimsy comes complete with 320 game cards, 60 counter tokens, and 7 card submission sleeves. Gather up to seven friends to play for as little as half an hour, or play through all the cards and make it the main event of your party. With over 170 “single word” cards, 80 “double word” cards, and 15 blank cards to make your own words, the possible word combinations are nearly limitless!

Word Whimsy will be released in stores nationwide in spring 2013 for the retail price of $29.99. Please visit www.cryptozoic.com for more information on Word Whimsy, and keep up-to-date with exclusive contests, promotions and game information on Cryptozoic Entertainment’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Rosenfloggen's picture Mike Rosenberg

Mike Rosenberg has been a long-time trading card game fan and an active freelancer in the hobby game industry since 2004. He wrote, editted, and managed web content for Cryptozoic Entertainment from March 2012 until October 2013.