Downton Abbey Collectible Cards Seasons 1 & 2
by Kat Metzen / 18 Mar, 2014

Downton Abbey,  the international hit series as seen on PBS's Masterpiece Classic, is on the way to our warehouses and will be on store shelves April 16th!

The Doom That Came to Atlantic City Date Announced
by Kat Metzen / 16 Mar, 2014

In 2013, after the popular Kickstarter ran into unrecoverable problems, Cryptozoic, believing in the talent and concept, reached out and offered to publish the game and personally cover the game copies for all Kickstarter backers. Both Cryptozoic and Keith Baker agreed that the Kickstarter backers were the first priority, and on 3/26 Cryptozoic will cover the cost to ship the first copies of the game to every backer.
The rest of us will have to wait until April 2 when the game will finally be available in Hobby Stores and online e-railers.

The Walking Dead Best Defense Woodbury Expansion
by Kat Metzen / 15 Mar, 2014

The Governor has been terrorizing the Survivors long enough, and it is time to do something about it. In a few weeks you will finally be able to do something about it in the Woodbury Expansion to the best-selling The Walking Dead Board Game: The Best Defense.

by Sara Erickson / 12 Mar, 2014

Over the past year, we've started noticing something about our fans. They seem to really enjoy playing the DC Comics Deck-Building Game, but not like other games. This is a game that will be played for hours, multiple times a week.

by Kat Metzen / 05 Mar, 2014

If you have been playing the physical version of Adventure Time Card Wars, you may have already started wondering what new combinations are possible if only you had more cards! We have good news. Today we are announcing The Adventure Time Card Wars: For The Glory! Booster Set.

by Kat Metzen / 27 Feb, 2014

In the second installment of the DC Comics Deck-building franchise, you will take on the role of Shazam!, Hawkman, or one of their brave and heroic allies in the struggle against the forces of Super-Villainy! Each Super Hero has a unique ability that will drive the strategy of your game. While you begin armed with only the ability to Punch your foes, as the game progresses, you will add new, more powerful cards to your deck, with the goal of defeating as many DC Comics Super-Villains as you can. When all the bad guys are dead, justice has been served and the hero who has earned the most victory in battle officially saves the day.

by Kat Metzen / 27 Feb, 2014

Today, fans of Assassin's Creed are finally able to take advantage of the vast amount of genetic data collected by Abstergo Entertainment's Animus technology in the familiar back-stabbing world of the popular video game franchise brought to your tabletop. In Assassin’s Creed: Arena, players take on the role of Animi Avatars vying for control of 16th century Constantinople. Choose among four of the deadliest historical figures of the era: Shahkulu the RenegadeOdai Dunqas the Guardian, the Gladiator Anacletos, or the Vanguard Oksana Razin. Use cunning and skill to prowl through the streets, alleyways, and rooftops of Constantinople as you hunt down targets, steal treasures, improve your gear, and outwit your foes.

by Kat Metzen / 20 Feb, 2014

Building on its existing line of products including playpaks, dog tags and the Adventure Time Card Wars customizable card game among other products, Cryptozoic will debut a series of collectible, high-end character statues based on Adventure Time characters and scenes that will be available at specialty retailers nationwide.

by Sara Erickson / 19 Feb, 2014

We asked Naruto fans from all over the world to let us know what characters they would like to play in our upcoming Naruto Shippuden Deck-Building Game.

by Kat Metzen / 17 Feb, 2014

American International Toy Fair 2014 kicked off Sunday in New York, and Cryptozoic is on site showcasing our upcoming Board Games and Trading Cards for 2014. While the show is only open to select Press and Industry Professionals, we are bringing you the same sneak peeks attendees will see on the show floor this week.

by Sara Erickson / 14 Feb, 2014

On March 17th, hobby store owners, manufactures, and distributors will gather for the annual Game Manufacuter's Association Trade Show in Las Vegas. Cryptozoic is very excited to be attending as a sponsor.

Assassin's Creed Arena Board Game Box
by Sara Erickson / 12 Feb, 2014

On February 26th, 2013, Cryptozoic will be releasing our highly anticipated, Assassin's Creed Arena Board Game. If you've ever stayed up late waiting in line for a new video game release, you know that those hours before the release are really just a big party. We're offering stores and players the chance to enjoy a great party event before Assassin's Creed Arena is available worldwide. Our Game Premiere Night program will allow players to learn about a new game and even take it home before the official release. It's going to be a party you don't want to miss!

by Kat Metzen / 10 Feb, 2014

All-New Board Game Based on One of the Best-Selling Video Game Franchises Coming February 26, 2014

Adventure Time Card Wars Collector Packs
by Sara Erickson / 07 Feb, 2014

Cartoon Network Enterprises Announce Adventure Time: Card Wars Mobile and Collectible Card Games

by Sara Erickson / 03 Feb, 2014

Get ready to mark your calendars! On February 26th, you will be digging into your very own copy of the DC Comics Deck-Building Game: Heroes Unite.

by Sara Erickson / 18 Jan, 2014

When we took on The Doom That Came to Atlantic City project (see previous article), we agreed to keep the backers updated abou

by Sara Erickson / 13 Jan, 2014

Want to help decide which characters will be in the next big Deck-Building Game from Cryptozoic Entertainment? Click here to find out more!

by Sara Erickson / 10 Jan, 2014

Gravwell: Escape from the 9th Dimension has made quite a splash recently on review sites all over the internet. We fell in love with this game the moment we sat down with the designer, Corey Young, at GenCon 2012. We think it’s a pretty special game but you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out these recent reviews!

by Sara Erickson / 08 Jan, 2014

Meteor Entertainment, Adhesive Games and Cryptozoic Entertainment™, the premiere developer of licensed trading cards and games such as the The Walking Dead Board Game and The Big Bang Theory Party Game, today announced an all-new card game based on the free-to-play First-Person-Shooter Mech video game HAWKEN.

by Sara Erickson / 21 Dec, 2013

Cryptozoic Entertainment is proud to announce two new releases today! Both Gravwell: Escape from the 9th Dimension, and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug hit the shelves just in time to bring some extra holiday cheer to gaming groups around the globe. 


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