by Sara Erickson / 07 Nov, 2012

Participating brick & mortar retail stores can get access to some sweet promotional cards for the latest Cryptozoic games in our effort to support Small Business Saturday later this November. 

by Mike Rosenberg / 07 Nov, 2012

Coconut water, melodramatic zombies, and katanas await in the second episode of the Cryptozoic BOBcast!

by Mike Rosenberg / 30 Oct, 2012

ABC Studios and Cryptozoic Entertainment™, the premier developer of original and licensed games, are pleased to announce Castle: The Detective Card Game, an original board game based on ABC’s award winning comedy-drama, “Castle.”

by Mike Rosenberg / 23 Oct, 2012

Hot Rod Creeps and the 3012 Deck-Building Game are now available!

by Mike Rosenberg / 04 Oct, 2012

Cryptic? Or just plain goofy?

by Patrick Dillon / 03 Oct, 2012

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Deck-building Game invites players to assume the role of Frodo, Gandalf the Grey, Aragorn, or one of their brave and heroic allies in the struggle against the forces of the Dark Lord Sauron. 

by Mike Rosenberg / 02 Oct, 2012

The nineteenth World of Warcraft Trading Card Game expansion, Timewalkers: War of the Ancients, is now available!

by Patrick Dillon / 02 Oct, 2012

Launching in early 2013, Cryptozoic Entertainment and world-renowned game developer Reiner Knizia have created a board game that takes players through the exciting adventures of Bilbo Baggins and his thirteen Dwarves in the upcoming film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

by Mike Rosenberg / 18 Sep, 2012

The DC Comics The New 52 Trading Cards are now available in hobby stores and at our e-store!

by Mike Rosenberg / 05 Sep, 2012

You can now find The Lookouts Issue 1 at comic book stores nationwide!

by Cryptozoic Entertainment / 23 Aug, 2012

Cryptozoic Entertainment is proud to announced MOD X, and exciting new abstract strategy game that will test any player's tactical thinking skills. 

by Mike Rosenberg / 22 Aug, 2012

Demos for the DC Comics Deck-Building Game have been very successful. So successful, in fact, that we wanted to show you the basics of the game if you haven't gotten a chance to check it out in person!

by Mike Rosenberg / 21 Aug, 2012

You can now find the Tarzan 100th Anniversary Trading Cards at a hobby store near you!

by Mike Rosenberg / 08 Aug, 2012

Cryptozoic Entertainment, the premier developer of licensed and original games, and Blizzard Entertainment today expanded the World of Warcraft®Trading Card Game with the release of the Battle of the Aspects Raid Deck.

by Mike Rosenberg / 25 Jul, 2012

3012 is coming. Are you prepared to take on others for supremacy in this post-apocalyptic deck-building game?

by Mike Rosenberg / 18 Jul, 2012

Launching in August, Hot Rod Creeps pits players against each other in a one-of-a-kind racing game.

by Mike Rosenberg / 11 Jul, 2012

Chief creative officer and president Cory Jones talks about The Lookouts, where it began, and what's coming up in the first story arc. 

by Mike Rosenberg / 10 Jul, 2012

The Walking Dead Comic Trading Cards are now available!

by Mike Rosenberg / 09 Jul, 2012

Visit the Cryptozoic Comic-Con store this weekend, pick up some new The Walking Dead™ Comic Trading Cards, and get some of your collectibles signed by our sketch card artists. 

by Mike Rosenberg / 06 Jul, 2012

Come to the Cryptozoic Comic-Con Store before the Zombie Walk on Friday, July 13th to have your face zombified by our staff! 


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