Enter the Doors of Cryptozoic

By Cory Jones


Welcome to Cryptozoic Entertainment headquarters in beautiful Southern California; Irvine to be exact. My name is Cory Jones. I am the President and CCO of Cryptozoic and I will be giving you a tour of our building today. Let’s start with the outside of the building, and our sign… sadly we were not able to use the skull logo, as Irvine feared its pure awesomeness would explode old people’s heads like a bad 80’s metal video if they happened to look up and see it.

But, we knew that would always be a risk so we created a less dangerous letter C version of the logo, and that graces the outside of our building. (Caution: if you’re an old person with a habit of having your head explode, please stop reading)

And there it is, our awesome skull logo gracing the inside lobby, remember we are fairly new and just starting to make the space our own, but that said we have made some pretty cool work areas. Our name is Cryptozoic so clearly anything we did in the building would have to incorporate a monster theme in some way or another, and the solution to that was… the meeting rooms.

First up, The Kraken's Lair! Right off the main lobby is our largest conference room, and it features THE KRAKEN! This conference room is used for big meetings and about 90% of the roleplaying games we play.

As you can see, we have a serious collection of roleplaying supplies—these are on loan from world champion (Seriously. He has a trophy— D&D player and director of game design at Cryptozoic, Mike Donais).

Our second common space is the game lab, or as l lovingly call it… The Unicorn Meadow ☺, and yes the smiley face is part of the name, you have to SMILE when talking about this room or I WILL ignore you. We made this space uh... light-hearted because we wanted to remind everyone that in the end games are about fun—believe it or not gamers can on occasion take themselves too seriously, and we will have none of it. As you can see from the picture, we actually feature a unicorn in the Unicorn Meadow and the art is done by our good friends and partners at Penny Arcade (Mike did this as a special commission and we are very grateful).

Our third and final conference room is The Gryphon’s Nest; I should mention that all the art that’s not a unicorn was done by World of Warcraft TCG artist extraordinaire Raymond Swanland.

And finally and best of all is our lounge, the Dragon’s Den. With its 120 inch projection screen and custom 14 foot red leather couches, it makes for a very dramatic place to kick back and watch "The Walking Dead." The Dragon’s Den has also played host to our full company meetings, and yes, nearly half the company can fit on the couch alone, more if someone is willing to sit on Drew Walker’s lap (no one ever is).

An extra weird and cool feature of the Dragon’s Den is that back wall; it actually opens in panels and combines the room with the dining room/kitchen, sort of like the Transformers, if they were rooms instead of robots… that sounds like a terrible cartoon idea, unless you’re interested in producing it, then please call me to discuss price.

One of the other highlights is our fully stocked kitchen; we tend to work very long hours so we make sure food is always available and do team dinners just about every night.

We still have lots of open space to grow into, so it can make for a pretty cool impromptu meeting area, especially when equipped with SUMO bag chairs (they’re so incredibly comfortable, I spend most meetings here asleep. Who am I kidding, I sleep through most meetings, not just the bean bag-equipped ones). 

Will Brinkman’s desk… featuring Will Brinkman!

Mike Girard’s unusual combination of Star Wars TCG trophies and Spice Girl dolls—*shiver*

Scott Gaeta’s office, Scott Gaeta included! 

My office, packed with STUFF!

Our Tournament Cyberball Machine… old school Atari FTW.

So that wraps up the tour, I’m sure we will do this again soon, as we continue to grow and make the space an even cooler gaming HQ!