The Secret Origin of CBLDF Liberty Trading Cards

By Will Brinkman

Editor's note: reposted from Larry Marder's Beanworld blog.

This story begins with my friend and colleague, John Nee. I first met John when when WildStorm and Top Cow were still one entity called Homage Studios and I was on a three week temporary consulting gig that turned into six years at Image Comics.

During those years , John and I did lots of business together--some visible to the naked eye and many more behind the scenes. After WildStorm was acquired by DC we didn't much in the way of business (except this) but we stayed friends. And after we both moved on from our previous positions, we started doing some business-y things together again


About a year ago, John became CEO of a cool new company called Cryptozoic Entertainment. It's just over the hills from where we live. John invited me to come over and take a look and, quite honestly, Cryptozoic blew me away. You can get a taste of how I felt that day by taking a tour yourself, right here. Cryptozoic is young, innovative, brimming with of energy and enthusiasm.

As John Nee had predicted, I hit it right off the bat with Crypto's management team Scott Gaeta, John Sepenuk, and Cory Jones. I was particularly delighted when Cory J told me that Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is his favorite charitable cause.

A relationship with Crypto was born.
Technically I'm a strategic consultant.
Of course, none of us is quite sure what that is or isn't, but I'm in and out of the offices a great deal.

Last summer, I was strategically consulting in John Nee's office.
It was right after the issue of Liberty Annual 2010 I edited shipped.
Cory J came in and pitched me an idea.

A set of CBLDF trading cards.
It could have regular trading cards.
And bonus Autograph cards.
And Sketch cards.
The Works.
Cryptozoic Entertainment can donate their production and publishing services.

The Fund said yes.
Diamond Comic Distributors is waiving their fees.

You can read the press release here

Remember, the First Amendment guarantees the right to Free Expression. It ensures that no American can be persecuted for speaking their political, religious, social, or artistic beliefs. It protects controversial ideas, and has been the subject of many hotly contested battles. The CBLDF fights the battles where comics are contested. It's really going to be a hell of a thing once it's all said and done.

A lot of people are putting incredible amounts of their personal time, energy, and talent into CBLDF Liberty Trading Cards and we thank everyone who is for their generosity and donations.