2018 Philly Non-Sports Card Show EXCLUSIVES!

By Krystyl Chwa

Cryptozoic is thrilled to be returning to Allentown for the 69th Philly Non-Sports Card Show! This year, we're excited to announce that we will have EXCLUSIVE trading cards available for purchase featuring cards from Rick and Morty Trading Cards Season 2, Batman Classic TV Series, Outlander Trading Cards Season 3, and DC Bombshells Trading Cards II! Fans can stop by our table on the main show floor on October 20 and 21 at the Merchants Square Mall to check out our upcoming products and exclusives, and pick up a free Rick and Morty Trading Cards Season 2 Promo Card!

Cryptozoic's 69th Philly Show Exclusives

DC Comics Bombshells Trading Cards II - Totally Fabricated Cards
For $10 each, fans can purchase Totally Fabricated Wardrobe cards from DC Bombshells Trading Cards II, made exclusively for the Philly Non-Sports Show and featuring several fan-favorite characters: TF1 Poison Ivy, TF2 Harley Quinn, and TF3 Batwoman. Each card is limited to 100.

Outlander Trading Cards Season 3 - Wardrobe Card CE6
For $25 each, fans can get an exclusive Wardrobe Card featuring pieces of fabrics used in the production of costumes worn by lead actor Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser) in the third season of Starz’s hit time travel drama. Limited to 299.

Cryptkins Trading Cards - Convention-Exclusive Packs
For $10, fans can get this six-card pack featuring Cryptkins, Cryptozoic’s popular original IP inspired by creatures that have been the subject of folklore and tabloid headlines for decades. After a popular launch of Crypkins vinyl figures and the Cryptkins Channel on the Quidd app, this pack brings them to the world of trading cards. Each pack includes two Promo Cards, two “Which Cryptkin?” cards, and one original hand-drawn Sketch Card by our talented artists. 

Rick and Morty Trading Cards Season 2 - Metallic Cards
Wubba-lubba-dub-dub! Rick and Morty are coming to Philly! Cryptozoic will have three exclusive metallic cards from the Rick and Morty Trading Cards Season 2 set available for purchase: M1 Kromobopulos Michael, M2 Zeep Xanflorp, and M3 Tammy Gueterman. Each metallic card will be available individually for $10. Each card limited to 100.

DC Batman Classic TV Series - Blue Bats Reissue Cryptomium Cards
Fans that collected our previous DC Comics trading card sets, including DC Super-Villains Trading Cards and DC Justice League Trading Cards, will be familiar with our Blue Bats Cryptomium cards! At the Philly Show, we will be reissuing cards Blue Bats cards DC6-1 to DC6-9 (from DC Super-Villians Trading Cards), DC7-1 to DC 7-9 (from DC Justice League Trading Cards), and introducing 9 exclusive, never-before-released Blue Bats cards: DC9-1 to DC9-9. Blue bats cards will be available in 3-card packs, each pack containing two Philly Non-Sports exclusive cards, and one reissue card for $10. 

For trading cards dealers and fans who knew our dear colleague George Nadeau: We will be giving away a George Nadeau Memorial Card at the show. We have been moved by all the thoughtful notes we have received about George from the trading card community since his passing. Thank you. The card honors George and all he did for trading cards.


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