Autograph Policy Update

By George Nadeau

Until a year ago, it was our policy to announce autograph signers only after we had received their autographed cards. Because autograph cards are often the final component of a set to fall into place—and the set is released soon thereafter—collectors often lacked the desired information to make the best pre-ordering decisions. A year ago, we analyzed our data and determined that the number of instances of contracted autograph signers who failed to deliver cards was extremely small. Consequently, we decided to publicize autograph rosters sooner, as soon as we had obtained participation agreements with talent.

Unfortunately, recent developments have prompted us to reconsider when we announce autograph signers. Several actors have declined to participate after making agreements to do so. While we have been careful to distinguish between talent under contract and talent from whom we have actually received cards, we are not comfortable with how frequently we have fallen short of the expectations we have created.

Consequently, we are reverting to our original policy. We will announce autograph signers only after we have received their autographed cards. Today we will update our product pages to reflect this change.

We understand this reversion means collectors will once again not acquire significant information about our trading card sets until much closer to their release dates. We will continue to strive to obtain the best available autograph signers for our products, and to release the most accurate information about them as soon as possible.