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Don’t miss out on your chance to own all three limited-edition Golden Goddess DC Bombshells vinyl figures made for San Diego Comic-Con 2017! We are providing this pre-order so that those of you who are unable to make it to Comic-Con in its opening hours can still get a set of figures. They are sure to sell out quickly! 


We sold out of the allocated 50 sets in under 10 min.

Golden Goddess FAQ

Did we out sell out?/ How Quick?

  • We sold out of the 50 allocated sets in under 10 min after we launched! 

Do you have any left for SDCC?

  • Yes! 200 sets will be sold starting on Thursday morning.

Will you be selling on preview night?

  • No. We will start selling them on Thursday morning.

Do I have to go to SDCC to pick up my order or can I send someone to do that for me?

  • You must come and pick up your order yourself. You must bring the credit card you used to purchase the Golden Godess Bombshells with and that must match your photo ID.

​For more details check the preorder site here: 


Technical issues with the link?

  • You may have needed to clear your cache because the redirect was not linked until it went live at 10am. 


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