DC Comics Lil Bombshells Series 1.5: A Closer Look at the Fresh Colors (Part 1)


Our DC Comics Lil Bombshells Series 1 figures sold out so fast and received such positive feedback that we wanted to provide a special follow-up for the growing number of fans out there. So, we created Series 1.5 of these lovable little DC Comics characters, refreshing the Series 1 figures with eye-poppingly cool variant paint designs. Coming in blind-reveal tins, Series 1.5 is available nationwide right now! Given the excitement out there, we’d like to give you a closer look at all 10 of the powerful female characters in the set. Let’s start with five of them today:

DC Comics Bombshells statues and comics were inspired by 1940s pinups and the changing roles of women during the World War II era. One of the most recognizable images from this period is Rosie the Riveter and the associated “We Can Do It!” poster. Wonder Woman’s alternate look in Series 1.5 shares a color palette with this memorable image of female empowerment.

Wonder Woman

In DC Comic’s New 52, every character got a new look and Mera was no exception. Her new paint job has its color palette drawn directly from her appearance in these recent comics.


Black Canary’s black and blue color scheme is an ode to her Silver Age costume, including the silver microphone. Her black rose not only complements these colors, but is a call out to her death in the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Black Canary

Back in the 90s, a film was released featuring a jetpack-sporting hero who fights Nazis during the World War II era. As Hawkgirl’s costume also has a jetpack, her new look pulls its color palette from this classic film character in homage.


Batwoman wears a classic baseball jersey in the DC Comics Bombshells comics. Every team in baseball has an away game look, typically inverting the colors of the original uniform. For Batwoman, we followed suit, giving her an away game jersey that inverts the colors from Series 1.


All of these DC Comics Lil Bombshells are available now in stores nationwide. They will be very limited in quantity, so find them while you can! Next time, we’ll preview the 5 other DC Comics Lil Bombshells characters from Series 1.5, including Harley Quinn and the Flash!
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