The DC Comics Sketch Card Process

By Miranda Charsky

One of my favorite things to happen throughout the day is when Art Acquisition Manager, George Nadeau, comes over to my desk to show me new sketch cards that we've received. It is always fun to look at the new cards because each one we get is totally awesome, and we are very lucky to be working with some of the best sketch card artists in the game right now. For the upcoming DC Comics The New 52 Trading Cards, I went up to the DC offices accompanied by George and COO Scott Gaeta to get the sketch cards approved.

To start off, the DC offices are awesome. Now, keep this comment in context as I'm not unfamiliar to a pretty rad office (for reference, see this blog post by CCO and President, Cory Jones, from when the company opened). So, when I'm able to say that there is an office out there that could rival ours, understand that it is an impressive feat.

But, once we get beyond the dimly lit lobby with comics from floor to ceiling, we start walking through a bright and colorful office filled with statues and figures and memorabilia, oh my! Once there, we meet with Executive Director – Creative Services Kevin Kiniry and Paul and Patrick from the creative services team to start the approval process for over 7,000 sketch cards planned to be inserted in the upcoming set.

After a few moments of running down what we have for them to look at, George and I start laying out rows of cards by artist for the guys to review. It was a really great experience to be in person with them as they are going through this as we get immediate feedback and a better sense of what caught their eyes. Kevin and the guys had a lot of praise for the quality, artistic ability, interpretation, and style of the cards, and about two hours later we have our sketch cards approved!

It was a really awesome experience to see all the cards in such a short time frame. To see so many styles and artistic interpretations of the characters was really awesome, and I think everyone left feeling very excited about the upcoming launch! As a special preview for fans, we have a collection of recently approved sketch cards to show!

Andy Price oversized sketch card

Andy Price oversized sketch card

James Bukauskas sketch card

Kat Laurange sketch card

Lak Lim sketch card

Lawrence Reynolds sketch card

Lord Mesa sketch cards

Lynne Anderson sketch cards

Mehgan Hetrick Murante oversized sketch card

Mehgan Hetrick Murante oversized sketch card

Mehgan Hetrick Murante oversized sketch card

Mehgan Hetrick Murante oversized sketch card

Melike Acar sketch card

Patrick Larcada sketch card

Ramsey Raz Sibaja sketch card

Remy Mokhtar sketch card

Rihannon Owens sketch card

Sanna sketch cards

Tim Shay sketch card

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Miranda Charsky is Cryptozoic Entertainment's brand manager for trading cards and collectibles. She strives to create quality collectibles for core hobby collectors and entertainment fans. Miranda's first job out of high school was working in a local hobby store, and she has been working in gaming and entertainment ever since.