DC Deck-Building Game Multiverse Box Blog 2: A Convergence of Cards Both Old and New

By DekanWheeler


The DC Deck-Building Game Multiverse Box is a fantastic place to store all of your cards from the DC Deck-Building Game and its expansions, as we explained a few weeks ago. While that alone would make it a great addition to your collection, we weren’t content to just stop there! The box comes with the exclusive Multiverse Crossover Pack, an expansion based on the epic DC “Convergence” comic book storyline.

For those of you not in the know, the “Convergence” event published by DC in 2015 finally gave comic fans endings to some of the most asked-about storylines, as well as tying them all together into a brand new Multiverse. In the over-arching plot, we find that a master form of Brainiac controls all versions of the villain in the Multiverse and has been abducting doomed cities at the last possible moment and placing them all on one barren planet. After Brainiac’s mysterious disappearance, his envoy (and avatar of the planet itself) Telos begins to pit these cities against each other in a championship that can only end when just one city remains.

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This is where the Multiverse Crossover Pack included with DC Deck-Building Game Multiverse Box begins.

Each player receives an oversized Location card (from this set), an oversized Super Hero/Super-Villain card (from your collection) and three standard-sized Super-Villain/Hero cards as their Champions (from your collection). In this all-new gameplay experience, you fight to get past your rivals’ Champions in order finally to take down their Locations.


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To set up the game, you select a main deck from any of the four current DC Deck-Building Game base sets. Shuffle in the 19 new main deck cards into the top half of that base set and lay out the standard five-card Line-Up.

Grab the pack’s 11 new Event cards, each of which causes an interesting happening. Set aside the Convergence Event, then shuffle the rest of the Event cards and place them face down. Place the Convergence card, which is always the first Event, face up on top of the Event deck. Next, a second Line-Up of five cards is built using a set determined by the Randomizer deck. This new Line-Up is called the Event Line-Up and does not refill like the main deck Line-Up does. Instead, when the last card in the Event Line-Up has been removed, a new Event card is flipped face up, creating a new five-card Line-Up from a different set, as chosen using the Randomizer deck. The old Event goes away, and a new Ongoing effect will be active while these new five cards are around. The starting Convergence Event card has the Event Line-Up rules on it for handy reference.

All art subject to licensor approval.

The Super-Villain stack is made up of Brainiac, Telos, and Deimos, who cost 10, 15, and 23, respectively. This makes them much harder to defeat than almost any of the previous Super-Villains. With two Line-Ups to choose from every turn, you will be able to build up a great deck much more easily than ever before. But now you have a choice: Do you want to be heroic and attack these foes and build up your score at end of game, or take down your rivals’ cities and win through attrition?

Using rules borrowed and slightly modified from DC Deck-Building Game: Rivals — Batman vs The Joker, you can now confront the Champion of the player to your left. If defeated, that Champion’s “First Appearance - Attack” text triggers against everyone except the Champion’s original owner, then the attacker gets to add that Champion to their deck as usual. If only one player has a Champion remaining, that player is the last one standing and is declared the winner!

DC Deck-Building Game Multiverse Box will be released mid-2017 for $25. For more news on the many DC Deck-Building Game products, keep an eye on Cryptozoic.com or follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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