DC Deck-Building Game: Organized Play Kit 2

By Krystyl Chwa

Cryptozoic Entertainment's second DC Deck-Building Game Organized Play Kit for 2018, featuring the Gypsy Promo Card, will be hitting stores at the end of October, along with the upcoming DC Deck-Building Game: Rivals Green Lantern vs. Sinestro! Fans can reach out to their local retailer to pre-order the OP Kit from their games distributor now!

DC Deck-Building Game: 2018 Organized Play Kit 2 is designed for the popular DC Deck-Building Game series, and includes instructions for retail stores to run tournaments, as well as prizes for participants. OP Kits are available exclusively to retail stores, as Cryptozoic firmly believes they are the backbone of the game industry. We're extremely proud to support Friendly Local Game Stores host fun and community-engaging DC Deck-Building Game events.


Retailers can order DC Deck-Building Game: 2018 Organized Play Kit 2 through their regular games distributor for $25. The instructions outline various options for tournaments (Single Elimination, Point-Based) and league play (Competitive League, Cooperative “Crisis” League). In addition, there are suggestions on how to configure tournaments depending on the number of players, spread the word about events, and utilize the included limited-edition Playmat and 12 Gypsy Hero Promo Cards as prizes. To help stores promote their organized play events, each kit also comes with a poster featuring DC’s Gypsy that encourages players to sign up for an upcoming tournament.



Product Details:

  • 12 Gypsy Promo Cards
  • 1 Playmat
  • 1 Tournament Rules
  • 1 Poster
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