Exclusive Comic Con Trading Card Event

By Will Brinkman


If you weren’t able to get into Cryptozoic’s Saturday morning Invitation-Only Non-Sport Trading Card Comic-Con Event, we have some sweet stuff to show you.

Cryptozoic hosted artists Tim Shay, George Davis, Jason Worthington, and Marat Mychaels to meet fans and show off art for upcoming sets.

For Mychaels, he was especially happy with his New 52 work. “I never get to draw characters like Darkseid, so I was pumped to be a part of this set.”

We gave our invitees a sweet breakfast spread so they could start Comic Con full of energy and also provided a raffle where fans could purchase some of the sold-out stuff like The Big Bang Theory and The Walking Dead Season 1 Trading Cards.

Fans got an exclusive look at a handful of the oversized DC Comics: The New 52 sketch cards. Sorry, no photography allowed—even for us staff. You’ll have to wait for those previews. But we can show you some of the Tarzan original art redemptions, as well as two new wardrobe pieces that will be going into The Walking Dead Season 2Trading Cards.

You can see the rest of the pictures on the Cryptozoic Facebook. We’ll have more artists, as well as both Lauren Cohan and Steven Yeun from The Walking Dead this Saturday, so come join us here on Market Street or see the news here on the Cryptozoic blog.