Favorite autograph cards 2014

By George Nadeau

This year we have released more than 60,000 autographs. From Charlie Hunnam to Burt Reynolds, Nina Dobrev to Neil Patrick Harris, and Henry Rollins to Harrison Ford, we've acquired autographs from more than two hundred of the most popular and iconic talents working today. As 2014 comes to an end, we thought it would be fun to review some of our favorite autograph cards.

We're Arrested Development fans, so we were pleased when David "Tobias Fünke" Cross signed autograph cards for our Archer Trading Cards in February. Not only is he the voice of Noah, but he is also #1.


In March, we released The Vampire Diaries Trading Cards Season 3. Steven R. McQueen embellished his visage on several of his autograph cards. Here he is with a dashing Van Dyck and as a toothy Frankenstein:


In June, David Costabile created a project for us at the office: assemble the Periodic Table of Elements with his autograph cards. It's an astonishing set of Breaking Bad cards.

None of us could recall this element from high school chemistry:

We were excited that all the Dwarves signed autograph cards for our The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Trading Cards set in July. However, one set of cards stood head and shoulders above the rest. John Callen inscribed many of his cards with characteristic phrases. We were impressed.


Due to the hundreds of inscriptions on his Adventure Time cards, there's no mystery about Justin Roiland's frame of mind while he signed his autograph cards. Lunch.


Still, Justin remained focused on his fans and collectors. We hope you were lucky enough to pull one of these extra special autograph cards:


Meanwhile, M. Emmet Walsh has one of the most stylish signatures we've seen.

Later in July, we were delighted—but not at all surprised—by the youthful exuberance expressed by so many Ender's Game autograph signers.




In November, we released Billy Drago's Supernatural Trading Cards Seasons 1-3 autograph cards. He inscribed them with hundreds of pithy expressions.


And the Trickster, Richard Speight Jr., even offered up an alternate layout of a Supernatural autograph card design. Thanks, Richard!


Finally, last week we released our Castle Trading Cards Seasons 3 & 4 set with Nathan Fillion's autograph cards.

What's so special about his autograph cards? Well, they're special because he signed them and who's not a fan of Nathan Fillion, right? But if you happen to acquire one, examine it closely. Six of his autograph cards are extra special. He has inscribed them with glow-in-the-dark messages like "YOU FOUND IT!" Happy hunting!

We hope you've enjoyed all of the special autograph cards we've released in 2014. We're already lining up even more of the best autographs for you to enjoy in 2015.