The Final Season of Fringe

By Michael Sacco

I've gone on record saying that Fringe is my favorite genre TV since The X-Files. Monsters! Time travel! Parallel universes! Superpowers! Weird crimes! Nice sweaters! This show has it all, and with great acting and writing to boot. The characters have all grown so much over the past four seasons, and that's not even counting the other-dimensional doppelgangers of the main characters.

It's been a real roller coaster ride each season, and I'm not only talking about the story; for a while it looked like the fourth season would be Fringe's last, but a renewal gave the show a fifth and final season to tie up all of its loose ends and really give the show the ending it deserves. Not that I want the show to end, of course. I've grown pretty fond of the Fringe Division, from Olivia to Peter to Astrid, but if it has to be done, at least it can be done right. 

If you're a new or tentative viewer, I won't spoil too much, but the last season gave us the answers to a lot of longstanding questions and established a whole new enemy that's actually been around right from the start. The setting for this season's premiere, which you can watch online now, is pretty bold, drawing on season 4's craziest episode (longtime viewers know the one) and throwing us all into it to kick off the season (and end the show) with a bang. I can't wait for more.

You might be asking yourself if I really like Fringe this much, and I can definitively say yes. And if you are a big fan of Fringe as well, you should check out the Fringe Seasons 1 & 2 Trading Cards. The trading cards feature photos, moments, and cast memorabilia from the first two seasons, giving you high-quality Fringe trading cards you can find in your local hobby store.

Tune in to FOX Fridays at 9|8c to see Fringe's final season, at least in this universe.