Gravwell Selected as Mensa 2014 Winner!

By Kat Metzen


This weekend the American Mensa society selected Gravwell: Escape from the 9th Dimension as a 2014 Mensa Select game at their annual Mindgames 2014 event. Congratulations to game designer, Cory Young!

Founded in 1990, American Mensa's Mind Games® has become one of the most respected national games competitions.  Of the more than 50 games entered and judged each year, five are chosen as Mensa Select®. Winners such as Scattergories™, Taboo™ and Apples to Apples™ have gone on to become top-sellers and award-winners.

So, what is Mind Games®?

It's a national event. American Mensans get together to play and rate the latest board and card games over one spring weekend. Want to play?

It's a competition. Game manufacturers enter their newest products in pursuit of the Mensa Select® seal — proof that the most avid game-players in the country have judged their games to be the best. It's the gold standard of gaming. When you see the Mensa Select® seal, you've found a high-quality product that you're likely to enjoy. (source:

So what is Gravwell?

After being pulled through a black hole, four spaceships find themselves in a dimension with physics never before encountered and without fuel. By mining and collecting basic elements from the space dust and asteroids in the area, you can muster just enough thrust to move your ship. But in this bizarre dimension, gravity is not working like how you’ve been taught. Your ship will typically travel towards the nearest object… which is usually another ship… and those ships are moving. Sometimes forwards, and sometimes backwards. It’s a real mind-bender!

Time is running out to save your crew and your ship! As a grim reminder of the cost of failing to escape, the frozen hulks of dead spacecraft litter the escape route. But with careful cardplay, you can slingshot past these derelict craft and be the first to escape from the Gravwell!

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