Hauntingly Good Halloween Tips

By Christina Sims

As a costume creator, Halloween is probably my favorite holiday of the year. When you create your own costumes, there's no limit to what you can be! Stuck on what to be this year? Are you tired of the same old "sexy _______" costumes that have taken over every Halloween store? Is being a sexy banana on your top ten lists of costumes to wear? Hopefully we can alter your list with some more creative options for you as the time draws closer to All Hallow's Eve.

Popular: Anything Avengers related is going to be very popular this Halloween. If there isn't at least one Thor, Loki, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Hulk, Captain America, or Iron Man at your party, something is wrong. Also, Gangnam Style is still all the rage right now. Look for at least one PSY wandering around, yelling at women's assets. Hard mode: Find a girl in a non-sexy version of the above characters. Challenge mode: Find an Agent Coulson costume.


Scary: The Walking Dead is hot, hot, hot … and a bit gooey and bloody as well. Zombies are a Halloween staple, and since The Walking Dead just started its third season, I'm going to predict a strong spike in the amount of undead stumbling down the street at midnight. Then again, that zombie may be drunk. Either way, good zombie shuffle, great groaning, very realistic! Hard mode: Find a zombie dressed to the nines: Dirty clothes, foul teeth, contacts, the works! Challenge mode: Find people dressed as The Walking Dead characters with accompanying Walker horde!

A little customization can go a long way in bringing the "AHHHHHHH!" out of your costumes.

Classic: Vampires, Ghosts, Demons, Angels, Pirates and Ninjas are all pretty staple Halloween costumes, but what can you do to make them pop? Even little changes can turn a regular devil costume into something truly frightening! Throw those tiny devil horns away and make some sinister-looking ram horns with some craft wire and paper mache! Fangs and red contacts are also a nice touch, and don't forget some wicked looking claws! A little modification can go a long way. I threw together a medusa costume a few years ago with a cheap black wig and wove in colorful plastic snakes, then added some green and black body paint and old vampire fangs. A handmade green dress with a yellow snake-belly print completed the ensemble. Hard mode: Find a truly frightening devil costume. Challenge Mode: Find the ninja. (You won't see the good ones, right?)

Why be a mermaid, when you can be a mermaid resting on a rock instead?

A change of perspective: Costumes that change your perspective on things are on the rise. Not sure what I'm talking about? Having your costume look like someone is carrying you in a box, or a cell, or having your head on a silver platter is always a crowd pleaser. My very talented friend, Lyz Brickley, is working on a mermaid costume that makes her look like she is sitting on a rock on the beach! How awesome is that! She also has one of the best four-legged costumes I've ever seen, so check out her Mylune from World of Warcraft costume if you're looking for centaur-inspiration at her Facebook page. Hard mode: Find a four-legged Sphinx costume. Challenge mode: Avoid a drunk person attempting to ride you.

Party!: So you've got this great costume idea! Where are you going to take it? Be warned, if you spent the last week making something cool, you may want to think twice about bringing it to your local bar unless you're looking for something to get broken off when you get bumped into the wrong way. Don't bring big, wide or fragile costumes into enclosed spaces or packed bars. Tone down the scary factor and make sure your costume is family friendly if you're around children. Do you have pockets, or are you going to drag your purse around all night? Can you go to the bathroom without too much hassle? Can you drive safely? Give your costume a good test run to make sure everything is just right before your big event! Cryptozoic is having a Halloween party, and it's spacious enough to have just about any costume stalking through the halls!

I look forward to seeing some of the sweet costume ideas that come out of this year's Halloween celebrations!