Licenses we are Thankful For

By Sara Miguel

One of the fun things we get to do here at Cryptozoic is take shows and movies that we all love, and create amazing games and trading cards for them! In no particular order, here are some of the licenses we are most thankful for.

  • DC Comics
    • If you are familiar with our products (which I assume you are since you are reading this article!), you know that we LOVE DC Comics here at Cryptozoic. The sheer number of characters, story lines, etc. allows us to pull content for numerous games and trading card sets and still create intriguing and exciting new content! Who doesn't love Super-Heroes and Villains?! In 2016 we are introducing collectibles and merchandise for multiple licenses, and DC Comics is getting a lot of love in that department. I can't wait to share what is coming up next! For all the opportunities DC Comics has given us, we are thankful.
  • The Walking Dead
    • The Walking Dead was one of the first licenses we acquired and allowed us to spread our wings a bit. The Walking Dead Board Game is available all over the world and is currently in its 12th reprint! In addition to the board games we've created, we are also able to produce a fantastic line of premium quality trading cards that include cast autographs, set worn wardrobe, and even some wicked cool prop cards! For the opportunities The Walking Dead has given us to kick some walker butt, we are thankful.
  • Ghostbusters
    • We've only just begun with this license, but it is already proving to be fantastic. Who doesn't want to be a Ghostbuster? Who doesn't want to ride in the Ecto-1? When someone asks if you are a god, you say YES! Not only do we have the board game and trading cards, but we also have plans for collectibles and merchandise too. Ghostbusters, for letting us live out our childhood dreams, we are thankful.
  • Adventure Time
    • This property is totally mathetical! We get to embrace our inner child whenever we talk about Adventure Time here in the office. The show is wonderful and appeals to a wide age range, not to mention both genders as well with the totally awesome gender-swapped crew featuring Fiona and Cake. The character back stories are amazing, and we're all excited abour Marcy's mini-series spin off. For all the totally rad memories, we are thankful.
sara.miguel's picture Sara Miguel

Sara Miguel is Cryptozoic Entertainment's Marketing Coordinator since September 2014. She has long been a fan of pop culture and gaming and looks forward to integrating her passion with her job. In her off time, she enjoys going to theme parks, gaming and catching up on the latest TV shows.