Martin Wallace’s The Arrival: Arriving Everywhere with New Art and Advanced Play!

By Amanda Barker

The Arrival Game Map Boards, Cards, and Boxes Old and New

We are so excited to release Martin Wallace's The Arrival! In this challenging game of resource allotment and territory expansion, players act as Tribe Leaders vying against the Fomori as well as other players for control of the mythical island of Erin, which would generations later become known as Ireland.


The game has unique mechanics that involve calculated risk as well as strategic use of Resources. For example, there are two different win conditions depending on whether the Tribe Leaders or the Fomori control more territory at the end of play. If the Tribe Leaders control more territory, the player with the most Honor wins. If the Fomori control more territory, the player with the least Corruption wins. Players must constantly strive to balance Honor and Corruption, because to gain more Resources in order to receive more land and Honor, one also must receive more Corruption. Players won’t know which will pay off in the end, and it’s hard to raise or lower one without the other.  


The Arrival Resource Cards


To add to the game’s unpredictability, when earning Resources, a player draws four cards that only hint at what kinds of Resources will be on the other side. Then, the player flips over only two of their cards before having to decide which rows of Resources to eliminate. They then proceed to flip another card and eliminate another row before finally revealing the earnings on the final card. This mechanic provides an element of surprise, as well as a component of risk/reward since the rows with higher payoffs also have more Corruption Points.

The Arrival Resource Cards

The Arrival Boxes Old and New


The Arrival was popular upon its limited European release at Spiel 2016 in Essen, but we wanted to update it for our wide release of the game in 2018. Our edition includes new art and a new Advanced Game option. The game art from Kamila Szutenberg is now brighter and easier to read, as well has having some lovely Irish fantasy roots, emulating Jim Fitzpatrick’s art style.  


The Arrival Maps Old and New


Visibility and intuitive placement of elements is essential in game design, so in addition to brightening up the board to give it a little extra life, we also moved some elements around so that gameplay flows more smoothly. The Corruption Counter is now at the top of the board by the island of the Fomori, and the Round Counter is beneath the island, instead of crowding the side of the board.  


The Arrival Tribe Leader Cards Old and New

The cards really showcase the change in style!  Not only did we add a few more colors to choose from, but on the reverse side is an Advanced Game option. In this mode, Tribe Leaders are given additional abilities to augment their actions. Some abilities include extra actions, not paying requirements for specific actions, or receiving additional information that other players don’t receive.

The Arrival Cards with Advanced Play

The Arrival is a challenging game that requires a fair amount of strategy to deal with the ever-changing variables during play. We are very proud to bring it to gamers all around the world. Get your copy at its release on Febuary 21st, and let us know what you think!

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