May Philly Non-Sports Card Show Update

By Miranda Charsky

George and I joined trading card collectors at the bi-annual Philly Non-Sports Card Show, which takes place just outside Philadelphia in Allentown, PA. If you are not familiar with Non-Sport Update Magazine, I highly encourage you to pick up a back issue from their site. We are very happy to support the Non-Sport Update Magazine, the Non-Sport Card show, and the trading card community, and making the trip to Allentown twice a year is one of the things I look forward to most! At the show, we have an opportunity to talk to collectors and dealers, gather feedback, share details for upcoming sets, and show some of the things we are working on for upcoming products.

Last weekend, we previewed the binder for the next DC Comics set, The Women of Legend! This set features some of the heroines and female villains of the DC Universe, including some of the best team-up and archenemy duos. The Women of Legend set has been a lot of fun to work on with artists, and I'm really looking forward to previewing the sketch card art to collectors on the Cryptozoic Facebook page. Fans can look forward to collecting exclusive Women of Legend stickers, featuring brand new art by Katie Cook! We are very excited to be working with Katie on this subset, and I really think fans are going to enjoy the cards!

We also had a chance to show off Jesse's hoodie, from season 2, episode 9 of “Breaking Bad”! While George isn't a fan of how “fancy” the hoodie is, I thought it would be fun for collectors to get a chance to see an authentic Wardrobe item before we cut it up for the cards! Of the attendees, Ruth seemed the most excited to see the hoodie. As big fan of the show, she just loves Jesse, although she worries about how much trouble he gets into. It's also one of my favorite shows, and I'm rather partial to Jesse myself. I really enjoyed talking to Ruth about “Breaking Bad”, and quickly offered to let Ruth take a picture in Jesse's hoodie (I think this should soon become a tradition, since NSU's Alan Biegel posed in Castle's suit jacket last spring). It was one of the highlights of my trip, and I'm really glad I got a chance to spend time talking to Ruth!

On Saturday and Sunday, we passed out the Revenge promo card (P1) to each attendees. The upcoming release of Revenge Trading Cards focuses on the first season of ABC's hit show, in which Emily Thorne returns to the Hamptons, determined to avenge her father's very public ruin. We are very happy to be working with ABC on the set, and we're looking forward to including some cool Wardrobe pieces, like Daniels' polo uniform, cast Autographs, and actor-likeness Sketches.

We have put in place the Promo Card Exchange, which takes place at each of the Non-Sport Philly shows, to allow collectors to trade in promo cards for some of the promotional cards they've been looking to add to their collection. While we've heard a lot of really positive reactions from show-goers, I've been looking for a way to make some of the promotional cards more accessible to fans who can't always travel. One option I've decided to explore is a promo card program on our e-store. For promotional cards distributed through conventions, we will put them up on the store 30 days after the show for $5. While attendees still have an incentive to go to shows to get the card for free, those who can't attend will be able to get the card at a later date for a small fee, which really just covers the cost of shipping to the US or Canada and packaging material. This program will not be offered for promotional cards distributed through magazines (such as Non-Sport Update or the official Walking Dead Magazine), but will open up distribution on cards that required travel for the initial distribution. The Revenge P1 will be available on the e-store starting June 6th, 2013, and fans who weren't able to join us in Allentown can look forward to picking up the card at a reasonable price then!

Miranda's picture Miranda Charsky

Miranda Charsky is Cryptozoic Entertainment's brand manager for trading cards and collectibles. She strives to create quality collectibles for core hobby collectors and entertainment fans. Miranda's first job out of high school was working in a local hobby store, and she has been working in gaming and entertainment ever since.