Meet Sketch Card Artist Tim Shay

By Will Brinkman

Tim Shay came by Saturday morning to meet with all the invited non-sport trading card fans and swung by again during the afternoon to sketch Batman for fans in lieu of the upcoming trading card set Batman: The Legend.

Completely self-taught, he’s illustrated and colored sketch cards for The Walking Dead Season 1 & Season 2, Tarzan 100th Anniversary, DC Comics: The New 52, and the aforementioned Batman set. He got his start drawing at an early age and with relatives requesting that he draw their portrait. When Cryptozoic picked up The Walking Dead, he jumped at the chance to draw characters from one of his favorite comics.

“I like having the small surface. You have to make every inch count,” explained Shay. Bobbie Shay, his wife, chimed in with “all of them like owning an original piece of art. It’s highly collectible.” And Tim commented “Yeah, I want to draw a card that they’re going to open and keep. One that gives them the same response that I had when I saw the scene in the show or comic.”

Tim loves drawing the more emotive, poignant scenes and characters. And if he can give the collector a bit of a scare, that’s a bonus. Focusing on the eyes especially, he likes to bring out the creepy elements of the content, but also with a sarcastic tone to have a little fun as well.

If you’re in the San Diego area and would like to meet Tim or view his work, he’ll be here until 5 PM this Saturday. We hope to see you soon!