Meet The Walking Dead Sketch Card Artist Erik Caines

By Will Brinkman


On Friday evening, Cryptozoic hosted artist Erik Caines at the Comic Con store, where Erik met fans and drew sketches for his audience. His days are spent working at Nickelodeon Games on Neopets. His nights are spent bashing criminals in Arkham Asylum, reading The Walking Dead comic book, and sketching those characters in Cryptozoic Entertainment’s The Walking Dead Comic Books Trading Cards.

He’s an avid comic reader. “I read 100 Bullets, a lot of Image stuff,” explained Caines. When jumping on the trading card release, he spent a lot of time not just reading his copies of Image’s The Walking Dead, but also analyzing the art of Charlie Adlard. “His work, and I want to say this in respect to his great skill, has a very ‘sketch’ look to it, both loose but also specific. His line weight is used to communicate mood and atmosphere from the characters. I try to be very bold in my linework with the sketch cards in respect to that,” said Caines.

And what about the content? “In the comic, it’s in a harsh, post-apocalyptic setting with zombies, but the story is about the characters and their interpersonal relationships. It’s more about their adapting roles, traits. Like, a person could’ve had a manual job before the zombies came, but now he’s an important person because he’s good with his hands.”

Erik has been scoping out the other sketch cards on the Walking Dead page as well and is a big fan of the other artists. “There’s some killer stuff out there. Jonathan Wyshak’s work, the "We Are The Walking Dead" card, grabbed me. Wow.”

If you want to follow Erik and see more of his work, you can see his blog at and you can follow him on Twitter at