Mighty Meeples #1: What is a Meeple?

By DekanWheeler

Mighty Meeples have just released as part of Cryptozoic Entertainment’s new line of collectibles. But you might find yourself asking, “Dekan, what is a meeple anyway”?

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Well, a meeple is a small, androgynous, stylized humanoid figure made of wood and shaded a specific color. The name meeple comes from the combination of the words “my” and “people.” First appearing in games earlier this century and highly popular since the release of the tile-laying game Carcassonne, meeples figures have become hallmark player pieces in modern board gaming and are now as recognizable as dice and pawns.

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But the meeple has grown into something more than just a figure you move around a board. It has transformed into a symbol and a culture in its own right. This simple humanoid figure is now on everything from shirts to bumper stickers, and, like other distinctive shapes and symbols in our society, it tells others that you belong to a specific group. The display of a meeple on your person loudly shouts to the world, “I AM A TABLETOP GAMER!”


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With Mighty Meeples—available now—Cryptozoic Entertainment is taking this beloved shape and adding some familiar faces. DC Comics Mighty Meeples Series 1 is the first release in a line crossing into multiple pop culture universes, adapting iconic heroes and villains to the meeple shape for the first time EVER. Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman will all be there, along with some of their most famous villains and other popular DC Comics characters. This release will have 30 different figures that you can collect and use to proclaim your love for all things DC Comics and tabletop gaming. 

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