At the Office - The Crypt Keeper

By Christina Sims

In our continuing blog series about the talented people that work at Cryptozoic, I am brought to a corner of the office we have lovingly called "The Crypt". We keep some pretty amazing things inside the Crypt, but who oversees this important part of Cryptozoic? What exactly lurks inside the Crypt? Read below and find out!

Name - Mary Carmen Wilber

Title - Project Coordinator

Preferred Title - Crypt Keeper

What do you do on a day-to-day basis at the office? 
Normally I do quality assurance (QA) and QA involving wardrobe for our trading cards . The stuff from TV shows. I keep cards received by quality control (QC), and after that they get sent out to get autographed by the characters in the shows.

Show us around the Cryptozoic Crypt!
Okay! Let's start on the left side of the office. Right now I'm working on Castle Seasons 1 & 2 Trading Cards; these need to be done soon. The swatches get sent out to our card production facility, and they'll go in the cards that will be released soon. The bottom shelf is envelopes for shipping. Over here I have more boxes, scraps, and unused wardrobe for The Walking Dead Season 2 Walkers. In this bin I have Fringe, and this one is The Big Bang Theory Season 2; these have already been shipped out so this is just the extra wardrobe. Then I have The Vampire Diaries Season 2 which I start cutting on Monday. I have the No Purchase Necessary product that I use for the NPN giveaway every month. I do the drawings and pick the winners on the first day of every month.

In the cabinets on the right, these are the QA products just in the rare case a customer is missing hits on a product. Then I have the oversized cards for redemptions: DC Comics, Smallville, Fringe, and Tarzan.

These wardrobe pieces, they were all worn by the actual actors in the TV shows?
Yes! It's a lot of good name brand clothes there. Sometimes I feel like I don't want to cut these up. They are very nice and expensive items.

What they wear on The Big Bang Theory is more my style, what is their wardrobe like?
They use a lot of colorful pastels and bright colors. I think they look better on the cards because it's better than boring, flat color on cards. A white piece of cloth on a card is pretty boring, but the color on some of the actor's shirts really catches the eye. Sometimes we get cool graphics stamped flowers; Penny is the hot ticket wardrobe!

What your favorite wardrobe you've had to cut up?
I enjoy cutting up The Big Bang Theory clothes. Castle is a bit more conservative and has more expensive items, but The Big Bang Theory is so fun and colorful and it really makes you think of the characters of the show. The Walking Dead gives me a funny feeling because it's covered in dirt and fake blood and sometimes can stand up on its own.

What else do you see pass through the Crypt?
Sketches and artwork for The Walking Dead, DC Comics, and Tarzan redemptions; I love seeing the sketch cards come into the office. The most I can draw is a stick man. These people are really talented. The Vampire Diaries Season 2 cards are also absolutely beautiful. Rachel and Miranda are really doing an amazing job on this set.

How many pieces of wardrobe swatches can you make from a single item?
Some of the items are significantly smaller than other items: A women's jacket may make 700 squares of wardrobe, but a tank top may only make a couple hundred squares. I can get up to 900 on a men's jacket or 1400 on a men's suit but it really depends on the stitching.

Thank you for the interview, Mary Carmen! Sadly she did not let me escape the Crypt with a large piece of Nathan Fillion's wardrobe. Crypt Keeper indeed!