At the Office - Soccer Fridays

By Christina Sims

Olympic fever is spreading across the country, and here at Cryptozoic we've definitely caught the bug. There's nothing more inspiring to get off your behind like watching an hour of Olympic swimming or soccer. We figured we could stand to run around a bit on Fridays and stretch our legs after working so hard on the products you have come to know and love. Our favorite Friday afternoon pastime is playing a rousing game of soccer out in the parking lot for an hour after lunch. We're no Olympiads, but we're definitely having fun!

"We" is kind of a loose term. What I really mean is "I sit and watch while chowing down on my lunch while 10 Cryptozoians kick a soccer ball around". I proudly wave the flag of my favorite team (it's usually a napkin for the white team) and give a little "woo!" on the occasional goal. There's also the rare "ACK" as a soccer ball goes flying past my head due to a kick gone awry.

Soccer in the back lot. Patrick Sullivan brings his basketball fundamentals to the game by guarding the net. 

Why am I on the sidelines? Maybe it's because I am delicate. Maybe it's because my foot-to-ball coordination is on a 2nd grade level. Maybe it's because I am terrified of playing against Drew Walker; if I got body checked by him, I would probably just explode from the impact. I'm sure no one wants to clean up that mess. I'm quite content just watching as ten of my coworkers sweat and struggle for control of a soccer ball in the 2pm California sun right after eating lunch. My presence means I'm being supportive! Go white team! /waves napkin around

Cryptozoic soccer goes on for about an hour, complete with a halftime break. The players are divided into two sides: white shirts and black shirts. We have representatives from OP, R&D, Design, and Marketing all trying to kick the soccer ball across the asphalt into our itty bitty soccer nets at either end of the lot. The parking lot is comfortably tucked behind our main building and surrounded on two more sides by conveniently placed bushes, so we avoid all the traffic in the area. The cars driving by our cul-de-sac tend to slow down and give us strange looks. What, have you never seen parking lot soccer before? One car actually ran over our soccer ball. The ball lived; the driver looked startled.

None of us are soccer pros, so in my humble opinion it's infinitely more fun to watch. R&D tends to take a very basketball-like approach to soccer, OP either works together very efficiently or has an epic struggle for control of the ball, and the members of Design are in way better shape than everyone else out there.

At the end of the hour, I asked some of the participants what they thought of the game. I got replies like "I was giving 110%!" from OP, R&D seemed to want to break it down play by play, Design barely looked winded, and Marketing was already getting people excited for next week.

I'd say our jobs really do translate well into soccer.