Philly Non-Sports Card Show, new licenses announced

By George Nadeau

We have just returned from the Philly Non-Sports Card Show. While it's a long distance away, it's always a worthwhile trip. As usual, we met with hundreds of collectors and dealers—and even fellow manufacturers—to talk about our favorite hobby. Collectors and dealers offered insight about our products and we have returned with that information to share with our team.

At this biannual show, we distribute promo cards. This weekend we distributed five:

• a Cryptomium variant of WAY$HAK's stunning "Blackest Night" composition which is featured on base cards in our recently released DC Comics Epic Battles Trading Cards set (P2)
• two Cryptomium promo cards for our upcoming The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Trading Cards set, each featuring Bilbo and Smaug (P2 and P3)
• a Cryptomium variant of the Ichabod and Abbie Sleepy Hollow Season 1 promo card previously released in NSU Magazine Oct/Nov 2014 (P1)
• an extremely limited Sleepy Hollow Season 1 promo card featuring the Headless Horseman himself (P2)

We're sure you'll be able to find these on your favorite auction site...or you can wait until the next Philly show and try to trade for these with us there.

We also announced four new trading card licenses at the show.

We're bullish about DC Comics television, so we're pleased to announce production of trading cards based on The Flash.

If you love Dracula, Frankenstein and Eva Green, you'll be happy to hear that we'll produce Penny Dreadful trading cards, too. The Showtime series was recently honored with a Critic's Choice award for Most Exciting New Series.

What if your future was the past? STARZ's Outlander follows a married WWII nurse who is mysteriously transported back to Scotland in 1743 where—and when—she begins a relationship with a Highland warrior. We'll capture the romance and adventure in a trading cards set.

Lastly, we have announced that we will produce trading cards for arguably the best comedy ever, Arrested Development. Come on!

The next Philly Non-Sports Card Show will take place next spring, May 2-3. We hope to meet you there!