Rick and Morty: Anatomy Park - The Game — Gameplay Basics, Part 2: Movement and Strategy

By DekanWheeler

Last time, we hope we got your attention as we previewed the various Actions in Rick and Morty: Anatomy Park - The Game. This time, we’re looking at the gameplay step that comes right before you choose your Action: the Move Phase! Just as in the Action Phase, you will have multiple options to choose from but will only be able to select one. During your Move Phase, you can Move your Character, a Tile, or Diseases.

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Move Your Character: As you can only place Tiles adjacent to your Character’s location, it would be odd if you couldn't move. Each Character has a Move value from 2-3 and that allows them to move orthogonally (that means side to side and up and down, you Jerry) that many spaces tile-to-tile. Seeing as you must complete the Move Phase before the Action Phase, it shouldn't be too hard to get into the exact right position to place that perfect Ride Tile.

Need to get somewhere in a hurry? Ride the Bone Train (really?) or any other Transit Tile previously played to get there fast. Even if you have fully exhausted your movement for the turn, you are allowed to jump on an adjacent Transit Tile. There is no movement cost to move onto Transit Tiles. There is a cost to move from a Transit Tile to a normal one, however.

Remember: You can only choose one Move option per turn. So, if you think in a future turn you might need to use one of the two other Move options, you should use your current turn to get your Character in position.

All art subject to licensor approval.

Move a Tile: Moving your Character isn't the only way to get around while you’re inside Ruben. This might help get everything in the right location so that you can play a Focus Group Tile during your Action Phase. Since everyone has a vision of how the Park should look, a player can move the Tile their Character is currently on or an adjacent tile one space so that it connects to any other Tile. You are allowed to move the chosen Tile one space in any direction into an adjacent empty space (no diagonals). You can even detach tiles from the rest of the park. If you move the tile your Character is on, you move with it! One caveat: You cannot move Transit or the Entrance tile with this maneuver.

Once you get the hang of the game, try the Advanced Game. You’ll start the game with a secret Master Plan Card. On each Master Plan is a pattern that each player is trying to complete as many times as possible by game’s end. To complete this layout numerous times, you will probably need to move quite a few Tiles (possibly ruining someone else's Master Plan) as you carefully craft portions of the Park.

But Moving Tiles isn’t without complications. Remember that you are literally shifting around Ruben’s guts! So, you’re definitely going to cause him some bodily distress. Every time you use the “Move a Tile” Move option, you must draw a Bodily Reaction Card. Besides causing you to embarrass yourself, these reactions might hinder your (and your opponents’) plans for the next turn or two. As we stated in the first preview article, Bodily Reaction Cards can draw out Diseases or even end the game, so don’t shove Ruben’s intestines around too much.

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Move Diseases: Poncho is a traitor bent on destroying Anatomy Park! Or at least he was in the episode. As an homage to his treachery, during your turn you can choose to move each Disease instead of your Character. If you do, move each Disease 1 space left, right, up, or down, as long as there is a Tile to move them to. You don’t have to move them all, if you don’t wish to.

This Move can be used to block another Character from completing the Master Plan you think they have or just as a straightforward attack. If a player starts their turn with any Diseases on their Tile, they must discard a Tile for each Disease present.

Being too aggressive with these viruses and bacteria can backfire though. You might force another player's hand and cause them to start shooting. If they hit the Diseases, they’ll be rewarded, and if they miss, they might just give Ruben a Heart Attack ...

Will your vision for Anatomy Park be realized? Will you ride the famous Bone Train? Will Ruben survive? Find out later this year when Rick and Morty: Anatomy Park - The Game infects a store near you. For more news on this and other exciting games based on Rick and Morty, keep an eye on Cryptozoic.com or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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