Springtime sketch cards, part 16

By George Nadeau

Welcome back! Today we will continue our springtime sketch card blog series with previews of more DC Comics Super-Villains sketch cards.

But first we have a preview of one of the Super-Villains chase sets. We commissioned artist Xermanico to create a six-card puzzle featuring the Crime Syndicate of America. We think he's part artist, part magician.

Layout and Color study:

Early pencils:

Final art:

Spectacular, right? We don't think this team of super-villains has ever looked better. Thanks, Xermanico!

This six-card puzzle set will be printed on standard cardstock (C2S), silver foil board, and a rare gold foil board (crash numbered /25.) Happy hunting!

And now let's continue to showcase more of the hand-drawn sketch cards that will be randomly packed into the DC Comics Super-Villains Trading Cards set, due to release in a couple weeks.

Please come back next week for the final installments of this blog series when we'll share even more information about other Super-Villains chase sets and inserts.