Springtime sketch cards, part 17

By George Nadeau

It's been a busy week since our last blog entry. Since then we conducted the case check for our DC Comics Super-Villains Trading Cards set. Among other tasks, we evaluated the packaging and whether all of the inserts and chase sets hit all of the target insertion ratios. The set comprises six chase sets, two sizes of sketch cards, two foil variants, and three other inserts, so there were a lot of components to verify. The case check went smoothly, so we can now announce the release date for this set: next Wednesday, May 27th!

We have previously shared a couple samples of the Super-Villains Hall of Doom die-cut sketch cards (1:288 packs), but here are three dozen more to behold:

We hope you collectors will enjoy these extra special sketch card hits in your cases.

And here are more previews of the standard 2.5" x 3.5" hand-drawn sketch cards that are randomly packed into every box of the DC Comics Super-Villains Trading Cards set:


On Thursday we'll detail another component of our Super-Villains set and share more sketch card samples, so please come back then.