Springtime sketch cards, part 18

By George Nadeau

Less than a week before we release our DC Comics Super-Villains Trading Cards set! Today, let's take a look at one of the chase sets: the Forever Evil blank variant box toppers. DC Comics released several issues that were "taken over" by villains when it launched its Forever Evil crossover event a year and a half ago. For our trading card set, we have printed blank variants of nine of those covers on sketch cardstock. Each box of our Super-Villains set contains one of these 3.5" x 5" blank variant box toppers:

  • Regular title: Justice League of America #7.4; Villains Month title: Black Adam #1
  • Regular title: Aquaman #23.1; Villains Month title: Black Manta #1
  • Regular title: Superman #23.2; Villains Month title: Brainiac #1
  • Regular title: Justice League of America #7.1; Villains Month title: Deadshot #1
  • Regular title: Batman/Superman #3.1; Villains Month title: Doomsday #1
  • Regular title: The Flash #23.1; Villains Month title: Grodd #1
  • Regular title: Detective Comics #23.3; Villains Month title: Scarecrow #1
  • Regular title: Green Lantern #23.4; Villains Month title: Sinestro #1
  • Regular title: Earth 2 #15.2; Villains Month title: Solomon Grundy #1

In addition, each of the artists who drew sketch cards for this set has at least one of these rare box toppers. We encourage you to seek them out to complete your set of 9 cards...and consider commissioning some original art from them, too.

Here are more previews of the 2.5" x 3.5" sketch cards that will be inserted one per box:

We'll have our final entry in our Springtime sketch card blog series next Tuesday, the day before our DC Comics Super-Villains Trading Cards set releases. Please come back for a final sketch card preview plus details about the Batman chase set.