Steven Universe Trading Cards: An Introduction to the World of Non-Sport Trading Cards

By Krystyl Chwa

What Are Non-Sport Trading Cards?

Although trading cards are traditionally associated with athletes from the world of professional sports, non-sport trading cards—as the name implies—put the attention on anything but sports! Embracing pop culture, these cards have opened up an exciting world for collectors who are passionate about movies, comics, and TV shows. Cryptozoic’s trading cards have been based on some of our favorite films, TV shows, and comics, such as Adventure Time, DC Bombshells, and Rick and Morty.

Trading card sets such as Cryptozoic’s upcoming Steven Universe release capture iconic characters, locations, themes, and storylines from the film or show through key art and editorial content. For instance, the Steven Universe Trading Cards Base Set features images from Seasons 1-5 episodes of Cartoon Network’s beloved animated series, including “The Answer,” “Mr. Greg,” and “Change Your Mind.” Each trading card pack comes with 3-4 Steven Universe Base Cards.

Non-sport trading cards also have various kinds of insert cards that fall in packs at different ratios and collectors chase after due to their rarity. Cryptozoic’s trading card release include multiple Chase Sets that each have unique designs and themes (e.g., a nine-card puzzle). Previous Cryptozoic trading card sets have also included Chase Cards that offer slight variations on cards from the Base Set, such as different colors and holographic foil treatments.

Moreover, there are more premium inserts (sometimes called “hits”), such as Sketch, Autograph, Wardrobe, and Prop Cards.

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Steven Universe Trading Cards

Join Steven and the other Crystal Gems as they take their adventures from Beach City to the trading card world! Steven Universe Trading Cards come in individually wrapped foil packs with 5 cards per pack, and 24 foil packs in a hobby box display. The release features a 72-card Base Set, 4 Chase Sets, and randomly inserted authentic Autograph Cards and hand-drawn Sketch Cards. Fans can also purchase a binder to store and display their collections. The 1.5-inch full color binder also comes with an exclusive Steven Universe trading card.

Are you ready to collect them all?


Chase Sets

Steven Universe Trading Cards have 4 unique Chase Sets: “Totally Fabricated Bubbled Gems,” “Crystal Gem Friends,” “Fusions,” and “Greatest Hits.” Cards from these sets are randomly inserted in packs.

“Totally Fabricated Bubbled Gems”

Totally Fabricated is Cryptozoic’s trademark way of creating memorabilia cards for properties that do not have actual memorabilia (props, wardrobe, etc.) to insert, as is the case with animated series and comics. The Cryptozoic team finds creative and clever ways to replicate costume pieces and props based on what they may look life in real life.

For Steven Universe Trading Cards, fans can find “Bubbled Gems” Chase Cards that are embedded with gems belonging to your favorite characters from the show.

These rare and very cool cards are randomly inserted in packs.

“Crystal Gem Friends”

“Crystal Gem Friends” is a unique Chase Set that features members and allies of the Crystal Gems, with a design inspired by the Temple Gate, as seen inside of the Crystal Gem’s Temple. All 9 cards are printed with radiant deco foil added to the character names and card frames.

Crystal Gem Friends cards fall at a 1:3 ratio, meaning fans can find 1 “Crystal Gem Friends” Chase Card in every 3 Steven Universe Trading Cards packs, on average.


“Fusions” is another fun Chase Set that features the many fusion characters seen throughout the show, including Stevonnie, Malachite, and Sunstone. There are 9 cards to collect, each printed with a deco foil treatment that shimmers across the character names and card frames.

Cards from the “Fusions” set fall at a 1:3 ratio, meaning fans can find 1 card in every 3 Steven Universe Trading Cards packs, on average.

“Greatest Hits”

The final Chase set is a favorite of the team, and one that we hope fans will really enjoy. The music in Steven Universe has resonated so much with us, and with so many fans as well, that we created an entire Chase Set dedicated to the music of Steven Universe, entitled “Greatest Hits.” It features 9 cards cut into the shape of vinyl record sleeves, featuring iconic songs like “What’s the Use of Feeling Blue?,” “Something Entirely New,” and “Peace and Love on the Planet Earth.”

“Greatest Hits” cards fall at a 1:3 ratio, meaning fans can find 1 of these Chase Cards in every 3 Steven Universe Trading Cards Packs, on average.


Sketch Cards

A Sketch Card is an original, hand-drawn original piece of artwork on a standard-size trading card, usually measuring 2.5" x 3.5”. Cryptozoic has been lucky to work with a number of incredibly talented artists to produce Sketch Cards for several of our trading card releases, and many of them have returned to provide art for the Steven Universe Trading Cards set. Steven Universe show creator Rebecca Sugar, whom Cryptozoic Entertainment is delighted to work with, has also provided a handful of totally unique Sketch Cards that are part of this upcoming set.

Unique, 1-of-1 Sketch Cards are randomly inserted into Steven Universe trading card packs at a 1:24 ratio, meaning there will be 1 Sketch Card in every 24 packs, on average. Since 1 full hobby box contains 24 packs, fans that purchase an entire hobby box can expect 1 Sketch Card on average.

Autograph Cards

Autograph Cards are some of the most sought-after premium inserts in a trading card set. Cryptozoic has been absolutely delighted to collaborate with the phenomenal talent that works on Steven Universe, including voice actors Zach Callison (Steven Universe), Michaela Dietz (Amethyst), and Deedee Magno Hall (Pearl), and even show creator Rebecca Sugar!

Autograph Cards are randomly inserted into trading cards packs at a 1:24 ratio, meaning there will be 1 Autograph Card in every 24 packs. Similar to Sketch Cards, fans can expect an Autograph Card in every hobby box, on average.


Where to Buy Them

Steven Universe Trading Cards have an expected June/July 2019 release. 

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