Venturing From the Pack in The Lookouts Issue #3

By Mike Rosenberg

Learning is never easy. Sometimes it involves admitting that you were wrong. Oftentimes it can be painful. But surviving great ordeals can allow you to learn. Adept, and become stronger.

Dore struggles to learn why his mind needs to be sharpened like his blade. As the Lookouts go looking for their missing companion, they meet the Bridge Troll once more. In their tangle of blows and words, the young and feral Voel flash backs to his past, before he joined the Lookouts.

Where did Voel come from? Why is the quiet, wolf-like boy the way he is? Learn more of Voel's history, the bridge troll, and Dore's whereabouts in The Lookouts Issue 3!

And be sure to check out the next issue to learn a little more about the Brewell's Charm, an honor badge rewarded to young masters of finding the right ingredients and mastering the craft of brewing magical teas. What does it take to become a Master Brewell for a young Lookout? Find out in Issue 3!

The Lookouts Issue 3 will be in comic stores and on comiXology on November 21st. Check back then to find out the history of Voel and the fate of Dore!

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Rosenfloggen's picture Mike Rosenberg

Mike Rosenberg has been a long-time trading card game fan and an active freelancer in the hobby game industry since 2004. He wrote, editted, and managed web content for Cryptozoic Entertainment from March 2012 until October 2013.